Renoise 2.0 Midi Clock Msgs Support?

Dear support,

I’ve tried rns 2.0 with my midi stuff and it seems that midi sysex jump to:
0xF2 pattern, line
doesnt work (may be other sysex too…)
Could you please check it, because in rns 1.9.1 everything works fine.

I’ve also reported in past, that in 1.9.1 that this message produces invalid behaviour.
0xF2, 1, 0 jumps to first line, but in 4th pattern
line jumps are also strange in 1.9.1… no idea how is implemented



Song position pointers (0xF2) are specified in 16th, so depending on the Lines Per Beat settings or old “Speed” value this gets translated into Patterns/Lines.

Please make also sure that you’ve enabled MIDI Sync in Renoise. Setup a device in Renoises MIDI preferences pane -> MIDI Clock Slave, then enable the small MIDI sync follow icon next to the BPM icon in Renoises transport panel on the top left.