Renoise 2.0 Public Beta Testing Starts

Does that mean it supports side-chaining?

Well done, Renoise Team!

I hope you add midi assignable transport controls in the next release. nudge

Thanks TakTik for new version, i need to renew my license because im a registered user since version 1.0 (first version).

I’m going bug hunting also.

Man, this version is awesome those track delays is exactly what i was looking for all the time to make it sound more professional, awesome work. Also i love the big-browser screen.

I checked for updates it said :P

Back to the future

Wow, you are running 2.0.0 Beta 1! Apparently you have mastered time-travelling. The latest Windows XP version available to registered users is 1.9.1 Final. (Made me laugh).

:dribble: :dribble: :drummer: :guitar: :panic: :w00t: :w00t: :yeah: :yeah: :D


espacially for the AU support :D

It looks like almost everything that has been suggested on this board is in 2.0
The renoise community rocks!!!

thanx thanx thanx thanx!!

indeed, got to get used to the whole new speed thing :D

Thanks to all involved. Tonight’s going to go a lot quicker now. :D

“speed 6 does not exist” may now be taken literally

Concatulations!! I love Renoise.

New Renoise with Flux Capacitor :P
Dont go back in time and steal the sourcecode tho :D Otherwise renoise will be erased from existance creating a paradox that destroys the universe.

Could not resist photoshopping :lol:


oh, about the new filter…

Today is my best day in September so far!

Thanks for making me happy!

I Saw The Clock And Cried. :wub:

Wow, what an awesome release!! :w00t:

Spent almost entire night twiggling with the new Renoise…

:walkman: :yeah:


If someone starts to rant AGAIN about some MORE features after THIS release - you have now a total excuse to punch 'em in the nose.
This version can literally ROCK.

Congrats to everyone concerned!

Hmmz, better arranger, better XRNI structure (layered stuff, special note-off linkable layer, mini arranger, etc), Beatslicer and better 09xx offset support…

WOW… thank you thank you thank you!!!
This looks amazingly awesome - and a bit frightening as well,
in a good way :)

I better just call work, family, and everyone I know, and just cancel EVERYTHING, for ever.

well, scriptable hotkey transport control and hotkey pattern launching would beat the sh*t out of all other requested features for me personally, but i just won’t nag about it anymore. because the crucial stuff that needed mending is finally there.
I say ‘crucial’ because it’s the features I can’t ‘emulate’ even by using other features more extensively (like proper routing, for one).
Whereas ‘arranger’ and other stuff you mentioned is basically just ‘more comfort to do stuff i can do otherwise’, that’s all it is.

but as i said, i won’t even ask for more now, but just try and squeeze the most out of what it is.

now i feel it can finally compete with buzz tracker in my workspace.
for me that’s no small feat for a music app.
all others have failed so far.

Hooray for the RENOISE Team! Great job! :D

I read with interest the changes having to do with the lines-per-beat and with VST plug-ins. A brand, spanking new Filter 3 device doesn’t hurt either. :)

i finally got some time to try this amazing beta out.

the filter 3 simply rocks

and its soo nice to have the vsts organized by company

and the fact that the “speed”-thing is gone makes totally sense to me

and really nice to see that renoise now supports multi-out vstis

im gonna go back and spend some more time with this sofar lovely beta :yeah:

havent had any problems,or weird stuff happening yet

A big thanks renoise team. Each new added/modified feature, major or minor, is admirable indeed.

And congratulations to all. :)

I feel home now! :D

Yeay! Nostalgic!

After some serious time spent with testing i have to say this release is just incredible. So much useful additions and no problems encountered so far. While it’s called a “roundup” release i still think things like a very good working PDC are much more like a simple “roundup” to me. :wub: