Renoise 2.0?

I was wondering, are there already any plans for renoise 2.0?
My plan is to buy renoise when 2.0 comes out so thats why I’m asking :)

Thanks :walkman:

our plan is to release Renoise 2.0 once you have bought it :)

I’m personally waiting for Renoise 10.5 so when you guys are done that met me know kthx?

While we’re at it… anyone knows when the 1.5 betatests are starting?

I tought something like that :P

My plan is to start making music soon, four years after I bought renoise.

when are renoise releasing beatslicer v2.00 ? :P

That’s something i did a few years ago… that’s why i’m doing the manual so i at least touch Renoise often enough.

what’s this renoise everyone’s talking about ?

2.0 is going to take some time…someone pointed out that for a real Tracker Software, 1.A comes after 1.9 …
Or maybe not ;) But the todo list is a well kept secret, locked in a vault somewhere in Berlin

i bet there will be a new poll and some kind of BeatBattle at first.
and i have my doubts that there are any real plans of “what will be in there”.
because… just check ‘the thread with the most topics’ :)


you might want to take in to account that its gonna be fairly cheap to upgrade …

Can we have a beatbattle that actually has some beats this time? :P

That’s right, if you buy Renoise now, your version is good until 2.9.1

And, just maybe the price of version 2 will be $1000 a license, you never know :) so buying now is a good deal.

I confirm taking an account now will give you access to renoise 2.9

I doubt that it will be that much , but the price might raise another five or ten euro when 2.1 or 2.2 comes out. (or it will be 2.5).
And as the value of the Dollar keeps going down, registering now is always a wiser decision than registering later.

I say: TO BERLIN!! :lol:

True about that…

Yeah I know but since new versions come (usually) with loads of new options I tought I’d wait till 2.0 so I could get v.3.0 aswel.
Thats not selfish, is it? :(

Yeah, I noticed 1.8 was in june last year so I figured 2.0 would be released somewhere june this year but since its a whole new version it might take longer.
And I cant wait that long so I thing im gonna purchase it anyway now… :w00t:

I think I remember taktik saying that 2.0 will not be the huge leap some might be hoping for, more an 0.1 increase in version number, like 1,8 to 1.9. I think it’s great that there’s not a new x.0 for every major new feature… when I consider the difference between 1.28 and 1.8… :wacko: you simply can’t tell by version numbers, so ignore them and simply buy it when you can’t stand not being able to not render your tunes anymore, that will come soon enough :D

That’s right Johann, he did say it won’t be a big step.

Another thing, Renoise 1.0 was released in 2002, which means we have used the same registration for many years, who knows if this will continue, but if it does, you’ll have your registered Renoise for a long time.

Renoise rocks ^_^