Renoise 2.2.0?

I see lots of interesting ideas for new features being discussed on this forum. But I couldn’t find any concrete plan for 2.2.0 (or any other coming) version. What’s the plan guys? :)
(Feel free to point me to the right thread if I missed it).

The next version is not 2.2.0




(dont mind me)

Who would vote for 2.9.5?

Can’t wait for the beta to start! :drummer:

edit: first time I used the drummer smiley :drummer:

I don’t know how the version numbers are made up but I really hope that the upcoming is not not bigger than 2.9 or I have to start searching for my credit card (my mom hid it from me) :D

it’s 2.2.0 beta :)

Renoise user since 1.27, and I’m going to upgrade my license really really soon :ph34r:

You’re better than us.

All I can say is, it’s always exciting times when Taktik is silent for most parts in the forums. :)

That either means he’s on vacation or he’s very busy preparing the new version for either alpha or beta time ;)

…or he might have a social life ;)


i’m total stoked!1 (((((((((((=

Yeah, its like anticipating a wave to surf to.

Would be perfect time to release the beta with the shitty fall weather here this weekend :)

this is going to be awe-rranger-some : )

i mate be able to finish a few tracks :)

There is no spoon.