Renoise 2.2.0?

Yeah, when people start posting lots of pics (especially LOL-CATZZ) then I know that the new release won’t take long…

(at least it makes waiting more fun!)

That is because Taktik doesn’t like the LOL-catz. Hint:If you keep teasing him by spamming these LOL-catz, it might push him a bit harder.


Worst… Idea… Ever…

If there’s one thing we all know Taktik hates, it’s LOLCATS.

I SEE!! :lol:

stop with the random pics ffs! what does this have to do with anything?!?! :angry:

Now that looks like a fine dish…

no, it looks like piano lol

Taktik just makes us think he hates lolcats for the lulz. Spam moar, and I’m sure he’ll release the Renoise 3.141 beta to the public within the next 2 days.

BTW, BotB, I love your profile picture! :D

i m user since 1.1 version
the next version is CB version for me omg !!!
:yeah: :drummer:
i hope is real step because im not rich ^^ :w00t:

FYI, upgrades are 20% cheaper.

Well, Renoise 1.1 was released 7 years ago. It’s by far the best software bargain I’ve ever had, and I don’t think it’s fair to even hint a worry about value after all this time.

7 years living on software upgrades that required an investment of 40 dollars (back then)… The lucky number has been reached, time to redo the token of gratitude.

Yes, it’s been more than a perfect bargain, and it simply deserves a rise.

I think Renoise is going to reap its just rewards eventually, if it sticks with its steady development and maintains its unique tracker direction.

avoid the globalist trendy cowardice which pushes once original devs\producers to go for ‘mass appeal’ and ‘widening customer range’.
this is deliberately promoted bullshite aimed to kill originality and promote cloning and imitation.
better steer clear of that.

let the customers widen their range.

That Scot will be Achenar…

Cool vid! Great beginners tutorial, wish I had this kind of things back in the protracker days :) . Also nice to see somebody else’s work-flow. I never use those mute, solo buttons or click ‘play’ in the pattern editor, mostly use the scopes for that kind of stuff.

If Achenar is reading this, what software did you use to capture it and do you zoom in/out while recording or can this also be done after recording?