Renoise 2.2 Infos

Is there a blog somewhere that charts development work on Renoise anywhere?

I’m always wondering, I know there’s lots of discussion and stuff on here… I was just wondering if there’s anywhere formal where definite inclusions for the next release or WIP gets recorded?

The Renoise roadmap is not public, neither are the version numbers.

Beta announcement are meant to be like Christmas (Or Hanukkah? Kwanzaa? Whatever you are into…)

The best way to keep up with Renoise is to participate in the forums.

The community is all of us. And like all of us, ideas and opinions (and version numbers?) change.

Good times.

as a Renoise user you will get used to “TOTAL SURPRISE CHRISTMAS!!!11” several times a year ^_^

But yeah, it’s been a while… :w00t:

Yeah i don’t know why, i’m not one for waiting for releases, but i am looking forward to the next release quite a lot


We needs infos Noaw! Otherwise lolcatz wills returns.

There is no Renoise 2.2, I mean spoon.

Yeah, there is Renoise 2.Bigsurprise version.

2.5 it is then :)

If that makes you happy, it is fine with us.

You can call it RENSOIE Rennsau Edition for all we care, just hurrrrrrrrry :lol:

How about Renoise VST?

Renoise AU please :(


is that a trick question?? :w00t:

With 2.2 I have to upgrade my licence…

If Renoise gets a decent DSSI-wrapper, I am fine with it. if not, I am fine, too.

I can reveal two secrets about the next version:

  1. you will need to upgrade your license
  2. you will be fine with it

1)I upgraded my license till version 3.X
2)I’m still fine with it
3)I just did a gig on renoise, live, I will make a youtube to tell everyone how we did it, I love this software. it’s so allover but still so resource friendly.
Renoise did a great job.

where is version 2,2 :D

its friday for gods sake :drummer:

Renoise 2.2 was boring…

I heard it was deported to Japan for some reason…