Renoise 2.5 Beta Testing Starts

The feature-list is impressive…

And the unnecessary extra column is gone, too. It’s so satisfying to have your little feature request implemented. Congrats on the release. :)

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Woah! Dowloading now!

Thanks team! :)

(2.6 sounds awesome too.)

Wow… :) Thanx guys!!

Wow, great upgrade! Especially for the signal follower and new arranger… Amazing!

!!! THNX !!!

Wow, amazing. A pattern matrix!!! It seems a very very useful thing.
But I dont undestand, the old pattern editor exist? Can you see all the tracks togheter??

You can swiftly drag complete track contents around in the pattern matrix without having to select the whole track manually using the kayboard shortcuts.
Also you can select and drag multiple track contents from various patterns in the matrix which you definately cannot do in the pattern editor.

\ :D/

just been playing for a few hours… WOW. i love it all. you guys really outdone yourselves. again
way beyond expectations, simply awesome.

OMG. Someone pick my jaw off the floor. Thank you renoise!

just ordered on this news, WOW i’m so f-ing excited to try this. "best x-mas present’ ever is the truth!


Pattern matrix!!!
is a dream come true!!


Your lucky i uploaded three last night, You wont be getting any more for a while i have MIDI triggered patterns
No tutorials again i’m busy getting my live jam on



One thought - the track colors as currently implemented aren’t all that useful, since they’re just the same all the way down for each column. Maybe it would be helpful to color the blocks according to the contents, the way the old Reason sequencer did. This was great because you could see at a glance which blocks were repeats and which ones were unique.

the login is successfully but I am warped back to the login screen is this normal?

You can…
Rightclick in the matrix and select the bottom option in the context menu ;)

What browser are you using and how is the encryption set in your browser’s preferences?
I remember this was related to a browser problem…

Seriously guys, this is a killer update. Ableton would have charged me a couple hundred bucks for this. Every time I read through the feature list I see something awesome that I forgot about when some other awesome feature blew my mind.

.just read the original post.

Could somebody please clean the willy mess from the floor beneath me? my bones have seized. and a giant block of pure gold might have to be delivered to tictac’s house from my good self.

:w00t: Incredible work, thanks Renoise team. Taktik for President, finally the Pattern Matrix. Welcome Kraken. One Question on planned and next updates: Piano Roll? 2.6 or 3.0?

With this new version goodbye Christmas! :P