Renoise 2.7 Beta 1 Corrupted My .Xrns On Save/Windows Reboot

The .xrns was created with version 2.6. After overwriting it by saving in 2.7, it is now a 5kb .xrns (was 30mb). Renoise did not crash or anything so I don’t know if there’s a log for that.

Thank you for the auto-back up option!

The log indeed would be very helpful. But you definitely also should check if your HD is OK.

When I think about this, I think I was rebooting my computer the last time I saved. I saved via the windows notification thing that appears when you want to turn off the machine, not sure if that could cause a problem because I simply clicked save and it did save before the machine reboots.

here is the log file.

I believe my HDD is ok.

Thanks for log. Windows must have killed Renoise while saving, to complete the reboot. This is evil.

We can’t stop Windows from doing so. It gives applications/user around 10 seconds to save all stuff, then will force a reboot and kill everything.
But I’ve now made sure that we don’t touch the to be overwritten file before saving successfully completed. So the worst thing that can now happen, is that the newly saved song is gone or corrupted. The previously saved song will be kept safe.

To do so, we will save into a temp file next to the final destination first, then move the file. This wastes a bit of space and will also make the save process a bit longer, but I think that’s worth the extra safety.