► Renoise 2.8 Beta Testing Starts ◀

brilliant groupping, nice wohhohhoooo :panic:

A native video player is the only missing thing.

I know this, and I’m talking not about 64bit arch, I’m talking about internal calculations… argh and that’s was just my guess.
I alredy pointed this - in 2.6 version of renoise calculations inside of some dsp’s became 64 bits, calculations betwen dsp’s was still in 32 bits.

there was wrong word suggested = guessed.

Renoise Logo in Win32 is missing the little ™ next to the R. Not sure if this is purposeful but something I have noticed. Sure Renoise is still trademarked so seems weird…

Thanks devs! I like the new color scheme in the mattrix view. It’s easier to see which slot you are currently editing.

I hope there will be PPC versions to…
I bought 2.7.2, wont loose the license with this update, I have a G5 :(

I am sorry but, as you can read here, support for the PPC platform has been discontinued.

I think you’re going to be outta luck – PPC support is gone. (Given Apple switched to Intel 6 years ago you may find it increasingly hard to find PPC support; time to upgrade!)


I was also hoping for the envelopes. While I certainly like the new additions, I hoped one construction site would be finished before others are opened.

Indeed is a good point, but instrument improvements are not everyone’s most favorite, so its also not really fair to spend a lot of time into “just this” again.
But we will for sure continue the instrument improvements at some point later.

Yeah the support is gone…ah man, this one will be an expensive upgrade…I wont drop my 2 UADs and my PowerCore to the trash :D

I had a shit day.
You brought my smile back. Can’t thank you enough!!!

64bit support, I think I’m dreaming…

First of all, this release rocks my socks, it’s like an early Christmas!

“-Right-side modifier keys are no longer hard-coded”
This is tiny feature is something I requested like a year ago when I spilled water on my keyboard and the right side Ctrl key got connected to the A key screwing up my renoise shortcuts. The reason it got implemented probably didn’t have to do with that thread but I’m glad it happened (though I have a new laptop now haha.)

Third, I just noticed in the keyboard shortcuts you can add a shortcut for “Extend group to here.” Very useful for making groups quickly!

Renoise 2.8 loads so faaaaast, even with lots of plugins :)

Could you still test this with your old laptop and see if it works? :P

They don’t HAVE to affect all member tracks, do they?

Again, they don’t HAVE to share common effect chains, right?

And finally, Favoriting of plug-ins … :)

The Group shows as an extra Track in of itself where you can add effects and pattern commands. I haven’t tried it yet but I assume it is talking about those put in these special Group Tracks, not those contained within all the children of the Groups.

Yeah I checked it out, you can have “master” group/pattern fx on top of the track ones. Cool!

I have a problem though, I can’t insert a pattern at the beginning anymore with Ctrl-Insert. This just inserts a pattern at the end.

No matter what other method I use, everything inserts at the end.

Ok, insert pattern at beginning works now, but now whenever I delete a pattern, no matter what the current pattern is, it always deletes the first one.
And when I delete a pattern it gets auto-cleared. Pretty dangerous imo.

It’s a really great update but I have one question though.
When using a VST and open the VST interface renoise itself loose the focus.
Which mean that the qwerty-keyboard won’t trigger a sound unless I click on the Renoise-window again.
Is this because I tried the x64 version and the plugin is 32bit (since I see a seperate application in the taskbar) or is this some new behaviour in 2.8?
Is it fixable?


Most probably not. Not quickly and for this release anyway. There are multiple threads and comments on the subject already.