Renoise 2.8 For Powermac


I just wanted to know if Renoise will be released on powermac with OSX Tiger. I 've got one of these nice computers as backup. Until now I used my licenced Renoise on Linux, but the PC will not available anymore soon. So I plan to use Renoise on my good old mac until I can afford a new PC (or mac).

Thank you a lot !

We did support PowerPC for a long time, but we finally decided to drop it with the 2.8 release. It became too much work for us to continue supporting this older platform when we already have so many others to maintain as well. Sorry.

Thank you for your answer. I guess I can live with renoise 2.7 on my powermac, until I buy a new linux pc ;)

even if I bet a lot of powerfull dual g5 are still working in homestudios these days :P


Just to inform you that renoise 2.7 works pretty well on my powermac, if I don’t use too muchu effects. By the way, is the graphics card important for renoise performance ? I ask because I’ve got a powerfull but noisy ati 9800pro and a weaker but quiet ati 9000.

Any tips to improve performance overall ?

thanks !

Graphics card matters a little, but the difference between a 9800pro and 9000 doesn’t sound like it affects much.
To pitch up performance there are a few things that can be done (start with the top one and stop at the measure where you get the best results):
Lower the graphics framerate (will let the updates look more choppy, but the audio performance is less impacted)
Lower the samplerate of your audiocard in the audio preferences
Change the interpolation of all samples in each instrument to none.

Come on, Vincent… this is pretty terrible advice. This will result in a much shittier sound overall, and will not really gain that much CPU anyway. My advice: don’t mess with this setting, just leave it on the defaults (Cubic).

Lowering the frame rate is definitely a quick way to gain some extra performance, though. On my old laptop I had certain songs that simply would not play, but when I reduced my frame rate to 5-10fps, I could finally play them in real time (even though the interface was rather unresponsive).

Well, sorry, that advise didn’t originated from my mouth, i only duplicated it. At least i put it as the last option (last resort) but indeed it would most likely deliver peanuts performance.


No hard feelings.

This should definitely be the absolute last resort. :P

thanks for your answers. I’ll use the ati 9000 for now,and I’ll find a good silence ventirad for my 9800pro. In the mean time, I’d probably overclock my powermac to 1.5ghz and upgrade to 2gb of ram (I bet ram does have an impact).

Very happy to have choosed Renoise. I bought the software, and still can use it on all OSes. That’s what I call a fair deal.