Renoise 2.8, Supercollider And Jack

so, i’ve just started using renoise 2.8 with jack/supercollider under linux. i have a synth in supercollider that is controlled by renoise midi with audio routed back in to renoise with jack. it all works fine until after about thirty minutes or so, it will start to create really loud popping sounds.

they don’t sound like typical latency crackling noises and will occur even when the supercollider synth is not creating sound. in addition, there is usually a gap of around thirty seconds between each pop.

any ideas on where to look or how to resolve such a problem? restarting renoise fixes the issue temporarily but obviously isn’t an ideal solution.

Have you read Troubleshooting in the Linux FAQ section of the documentation?

If that doesn’t solve anything, Renoise has a log file. Look under “Help -> Show The Log File…” Paste the part of the log at around the time the problem starts? Maybe some clues in there.