Renoise 2 In 2009 ?

Hello “Renoise Team” & Renoisers,

In 2009, what will are the “big” improvements of Renoise 2 ? Is there a surprise or new technology for making music with Renoise ?

I would like to see Renoise 2, the tracker of the year 2009 with new features, surprises & improvements so that giving happy all the composers :slight_smile:



And the tracker of the year 2008 where ?
I would argue that renoise did not have any competiton for 2008…

you are going to see renoise 2 in the year 2009 with exactly the same set of features as renoise 2 in 2008, since it’s already “as good as” finished.

and by the way… it always makes a good impression to talk about nice new features without actually stating what those nice new features are supposed to look like.
so essentially it’s always about nice new features, no matter what they are - they just gotta be nice and new ! :D

I´ll proberly get flamed for asking this question. But the search function didn’t help me out much (except, from what i can tell, audiotracks has been discussed for the last 5 years)

So… Will they get here? the audiotracks?

dont think they will be in renoise 2 final,but maybe in a future update :D

Audiotracks = waveform display in track instead of notes?

I think it’s about “freezing” tracks, rendering them; to save CPU, but also for not having to rewind when working on stuff with very long samples (vocals etc.)

We are many waiting for that feature to be implemented, but for the time being just use the Energy XT vst. :)

thnx for the hint, looks very useful! compared to the reaper-midiyoke-sync…