Renoise 2 Slightly More Cpu Than 1.9

As the title says …some projects in renoise 2 are taking more cpu than in renoise 1.9 ( even after converting to 2.0 compatibilty mode )
So it this because it’s still a beta , or because of the new ( and absolutely amazing ) changes renoise 2 has, and which require some more cpu time …

Ohh I am on intel centrino 1.8 ghz single core

Renoise 2.0 consumes in overall more cpu than 1.9x which is pretty inevitable. Specially because routines have been improved to remove irritating clicks and pops in various occasions (some native effects that created them) and most likely the PDC consumes some extra cpu power.
On the other hand cpu consuming routines also have been made more efficient.
The raise of cpu consumption should not be very drastic, but it takes some.
But Taktik can tell you a lot more about this.

we can also expect taktik to perform some optimizations in the final stage, or maybe even after the final release for a 2.01 release. code optimization is an huge beast and coders tend to skip it (for good reasons) until they can.

I know it’s consumes a litlle bit more cpu ( verry marginal ) just wanted to know sure …overall I can live with it , it’s rock solid and a joy to work with .

Thanks …to you to taktik for making this beatifull program , I just had the chance to really dig deep into renoise 2 after several months abroad and I really like it …

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About how much “more” are we talking here exactly?

As there others said: PDC needs some CPU (it wont compensate for nothing), but this is really not much. You can test this by disabling PDC. Beside that the average CPU usage should be about the same…

between 5 and 8 percent