Renoise 2 : Xrns Popular ?


I would like to participate for Demo Party in France but I don’t understand why the .XRNS file aren’t accepted (Support Format : MOD, XM, IT, S3M). Why ? I find that Renoise 2 is an advanced audio tracker in 2010 unlike other trackers.

Is Renoise 2 popular in the demo scene and demo party ? Can .XRNS Native songs be shared on the net ? Are .XRNS songs (oldschool without VST/VSTi Plugins) downloadables on Webs Site ?

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XRNS files are commonly accepted in demoparty compotetitions, provided that you don’t use any external plugin. At least it has been like this until I have taken part to demoparties (year 2007). I have even seen parties where there were two different competitions for “oldskool music” and “newschool music”, plus another “mp3 competition” in which you could submit any kind of music sequenced in any way, which has little sense actually.

so, if in the party you want to take part to XRNS files are not accepted, you should ask the reason to the party organizers, not to us :)



That is exactly the reason. Legacy formats are at least somewhat comparable to each other, even if there is huge difference in features between pt .mod and .it. Renoise is more like in same league with traditional daws these days. Nothing prevents you from participating to MP3/OGG music compo with a song made with Renoise.

Personally I don’t see much point in normal multichannel tracker music compos these days. PT mods and 64k compos are a different thing.