Renoise 2.xx Suggestions.

Some of these suggestions may be silly, or just made by mistake, some of them are must have really. Anyway, dont put agression here and all that stuff. Just let`s discuss.

p.s. All these thoughts came after i was working for some commercial house music tracks. I was working both in Renoise and Logic.



  • when rendering whole track as “save each track into a separate file” there must be an option like “render all tracks as stereo” or “mono” wavs. or even manually adjust each track as mono or stereo. or may be this is a mixer section issue. adding a button to channel strip “00 (stereo)” and “0 (mono)”, like in logic.
  • about dithering. i think it`ll be proper to put this thing to render options.


  • transport panel assignable to midi controller
  • most gui buttons, sliders, etc assignable to midi controller
  • export/import of track data (notes & groove) as midi file. for example - i created a midi file from “funky drummer” loop contains groove data and want to assign these groove to the track inside my renoise project. or i want to use notes played by synth in renoise in another program (logic for example), so i export track as midi file and import it inside logic, assign the synth, etc.
  • rewire.

Sample Editor:

  • hell yes. sample chopper/slicer, even may be invent an own “sliced” sample format, like REX or Apple Loops. XRSL? XtendedRenoiseSlicedLoop? Fastens up much the creative process and workflow. ask anyone.
  • time and pitch manipulation.

Instrument Editor:

  • when im loading XRNI instrument, i cant edit (i mean envelopes of filter, interpolation, etc) individual samples of instrument. im selecting a sample inside instrument and for example trying to draw a filter envelope, but this envelope affects on the whole instrument and not on a sample i selected inside of it. or may be i`m missing something?
  • there is a an option in renoise, to choose what interpolation used on sample. scene: i have a huge drum library (about 50 drum hits for example), and i want to not use interpolation on them at all (for hiphop and all that crunchy stuff), but its take a lot time to choose every sample and turn off interpolation. why i cant just select all these 50 samples and make them all use no interpolation at once? itll save a lot of time i guess.


  • as i said above an ability to choose which track ll be mono or stereo. let me explain why, keeping kicks or some bass mono is a proper and widely used technic when mixing. you can say i can just make my sample or VSTi mono, but not all VSTi (most ofem) are able to do this and rendering (freezing) isnt a solution really.
  • sidechaining, pleasepleaseplease.
  • sample HD streaming.

Advanced Pattern Edit:

  • The whole quantize thing isnt easy understandable for most people. May be there is some workaround how to ease up this thing in renoise?

Pattern Editor:

  • Abilities to “colorize” the tracks and patterns.

Extended Audio Processing Power:

  • I`m not sure, but this may be very hard thing to include in Renoise. The feature is an ability to use your second/third/old/etc. computer as additional cpu power to handle more VST or VSTi in your Renoise projects. So Renoise works as server on the first pc and on the second pc we have some kind of Renoise Client application running with VST & VSTis, 1st pc conected to 2nd via ethernet or firewire. Yes, this is the same thing as Teleport FX, Wormhole 2 or Logic Node technology. As i mentioned before this must be very hard to code or implement into Renoise, but anyway it will be great to see and hardly use this thing in Renoise.


  • speed/bpm automation.
  • more precise and comfortable envelope drawing.
  • another scene: i want to draw envelope of my filter lopassing/hipassing my white noise sample. the scene with filtering action break in 4 patterns. so i go to the pattern 1, click automation, draw envelope, choosing pattern 2, and drawing envelope again, etc. its a lil uncomfortable in this way, why not to choose (somehow) these 4 patterns a click an automation button and draw an envelope for 4 patterns at once? it fastens up the workflow.


  • more precise analyzer


  • closing plugin window by a keyboard shortcut or a key (esc or “~” for example)

Not much to disagree with here…You must have jotted down these notes while using the software!

Another idea: being able to abort loading songs from disk by hitting ESC

Just another small workflow improvement.

A slicer is UNNECESSARY. Especially something like REX. I hate the fact that you have to load shit into Recycle first instead of just straight into the program (Like FLStudio for example). Regardless, you don’t need a slicer in RNS at all. Check it:…re=channel_page

As for the BPM/Speed automation:

f0xx - Set BPM (20 - ff)
f1xx - Set lines per beat (01-ff, 00 = stop song)
f2xx - Set tick-rate (01 - 10)

Use those in the FX column.

I do agree with you on the sidechaining though.

Also, ADD the ability to interpolate notes!!!

I won’t disagree much either.

Something that i would like to see is bigger values for plugin delay compensation. Maybe options for different units as well. Here is one reason why.

Shortcuts for presets. I have been missing hotkeys for selecting next and previous preset.

This can already be done for VSTI:hit Numpad 0.
Closing it using the same shortcut only works if you have deselected the “Enable Keyboard” checkbox!

Pianoroll :D

Ups, I almost forgot…
and Pianoroll :D :D :D

everytime, when somebody asks about BS (not means bullshit, but beatslicer), some other guy put here a link to this “smokin is bad, except in phrakne” video.
ok. in this video we see some drum samples chopping action with kaneel acting like a some kind of pwner of n00bs. slicer is for n00bs, blahblahblah. learn the shortcuts and do ur stealthy ubermikro button presses till your fingers fucked. pain is god here.

a lil example. when i was in the process of writing “goodbye everything” song for my album (check myspace if you like) it was a titanical chopping work (whole track is made of just ONESHOT samples, no loops). i was about to put half of my jazz music collection (most of it on cd originals) inside renoise first and listen to the tracks and take out some lil snippets and it started to piss me off how much time it takes! you can sit there forever chopping up a Coltrane track (which is 16 mins length) to a 16th or 32th (and why not to put a thing like “select by transient/peaks” into renoise sample editor? sometimes this gives unpredictable good results) and its not only about this one 16 minute track, there was about HALF of my jazz records i own!! And its HUGE!!! So i fucked up, shut off Renoise and called up dat damn ReCycle app, just put all my stuff there, press some buttons and mouse clicks and dats it! All stuff chopped. Now i can just sit back, prehearing my chopped samples and wait till the magical one appears and ill be happy with it. BEATSLICER isnt just about CHOPPING/SLICING drum loops, TEH BEATSLICER IS A TIME & NERVE & HEALTH SAVIER/SAVER for a fast and comfortable sample shrinking/extracting/chopping/slicing/whatever.

p.s. i`m not lazy, i can chop mannualy all these 4 quarter jungle loops, its a piece of cake for real, but if i want some weird/useful sample, i go up to my music collection, randomly picks up some audio cds or mp3 dvds, and here we go - John Coltrane “Love Supreme (version)” - 17 mins, or Supersilent 7, yeah just put the whole Supersilent 7 record inside chopper. Or try some japanese experimental electronic music, where you can find just one track on an album which is 70 mins length…i can go on forever with argumentations.
So whats wrong with the beatslicer? Is it a SIN may be to use automatic slicers or something?


Yes, a good idea. Anyone here else for +1 for this?

I am +1.

Well, it works out, but why not to have a one special track for the bpm automation? Like i`m selecting this track, go the automation and see the whole timeline of song with markers (like intro, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, etc) and draw envelope there. So what do you think?

Shortcuts for presets. DAMN GOOD! +1

Thanks. Can i change this shortcut?

And here it is, this pianoroll suggested so many times too as beatslicer, sidechain routing, etc. I still did not getting it. Just dont understand. So i`m asking some help from people here to explain me, why its good for Renoise to have a pianoroll.


I don’t understand too :( I think people want this because they don’t really like to deal with trackers?

About the BeatSlicer… You have some good points. And to be honoust if there is going to be a native beatslicer… I might start working with it ;)

Beatslicer ?!?

What about making own beats? So a beatslicer isnt really need.



I’m not trying to start a fight or anything, but…

I never said that beat slicing is for n00bs. If you read what I wrote, then you would see that I was just saying that I don’t like recycle for the fact that you have to use it before you can open it in the program. FLStudio’s fruity slicer (and more recent SliceX) does the chopping without some other piece of software.

Why is it good to have a piano roll? Idk, people want their programs to resemble a DAW. I can ask the same question again about the beat slicer. I don’t get it, you protect the beat slicer, but then turn around and bash the piano roll (both of which are dominant in the DAW world). Trackers have that to them that they don’t have piano rolls or beat slicers.

As for the video, when I first started using RNS (and tracking in general), I found that video VERY helpful. I too was wondering why there wasn’t a beat slicer (like in FL). Idk if I would’ve figured out something as SIMPLE as cutting/pasting a loop into multiple smaller instruments. Now, I’m glad that I don’t use a beat slicer, and after doing it for a bit you become efficient and fast at it.

And just to let you know, my fingers don’t hurt. :lol:

I don’t get the beatslicer thing either but i have to say that i am not against it. Even if i don’t feel gaining
anything from it, someone else might. (seems like many would) In the end it’s not about terms or names
of things. Yes we can do beatslicing already in renoise but the main thing is the workflow which is different
for different people. I think same way about piano roll. It’s fine addition even tho i’m more into tracking.
And i bet i would use it sometimes too.

Something i REALLY would like to see is some kinda sync solution for long samples. Audio track or
maybe just a button to keep it sync once you have played it. I don’t really care what is the solution if it works.
(without external software) It sucks to start the track from the beginning if you are tuning something in the
middle of the song and you need to hear the vocals or any other long audiotrack.

Of course there is option to render the song into patters but doesn’t feel attracting when you have lets say
16 or even more tracks as audiofiles and who knows how many patterns. I have some mixing projects for
friends and they don’t use renoise so tracks need to be rendered into audio.

Yes you can:
Preferences -> Keys -> Global>Instruments>Open Instrument Editor

I wonder why so many people talks against the sampleslicer (yeah, let it be “sample” one) talking others into sample offset column effect and NOONE still bring up the real antiargument to them: sample offset is totally useless for long (more than 32 or even 16 bars) samples!!! It just gets out of any acceptable occuracy!!!

As for the rest of the suggestions - YES!!! Especially for one about handling thru-many-patterns envelopes and envelopes drawing flexibility.

In the current way of dealing:You are absolutely right. But i think you would be much more pleased if the sample-offset commands would be linked to position pointers that you personally can drag and place at any position in the sample (similar like setting loop-pointers).

The optimal workflow for a native beatslicer would combine spectral/velocity auto-detection with manual adjustments. None of this is rocket science.
The tricky part is how to deal with a sliced sample with, say, 1600 parts?

On a sidenote: last time I checked, a standalone beatslicer cost 6 times as much as a Renoise license :panic:

Now that is rediculous.
Keeps reminding me of the incredible stone-age looking Saw Studio (2500 bucks)

Why do we need a sample slicer? With sample offset you have a much more detailded way of doing it right? And with a vst like phatmatik pro you have an easy way of slicing a sample and then play a melody with it. I think there are higher priorities like the whole arranging thing.

Sample offset doesn’t work that well with long samples.

That’s because you can only go from 00-ff (totaling 255 markers). Cut your long samples (keep the original) down shorter, lets say into quarters, now you have 4 samples that can go 00-ff (totaling 1020 markers).