Renoise 3.1 for sale

Hi. I’m selling my Renoise licence 3.1 to 4.1 at 40 USD because I need the money right now. Is someone interested?

I dont know if I can post this here by the way, so sorry if its the wrong place.


You cant do this :frowning:

sorry if its the wrong place

Sure it is the wrong place!

Because most of the people here have already bought their own Renoise licence!

Not even sure such a transaction would be allowed…

Relax, guys.

It’s perfectly fine to look for a buyer here on the forum, and we do allow license transfers, but the seller should contact us directly (when he/she finds a buyer) to handle the transfer in the proper way.


has it gone :joy:ill take it

Haha still got it. Do you want it?

inboxed u