Renoise 3.1: Gaynor is written Gainer and does not play I will survive


I was trying to get some music out of Renoise.

I found, that (Gloria) Gaynor is written as Gainer in Renoise 3.1, as of today.

Also, when I click the Gainer, her top hit I Will Survive does not start.


Maybe you leftthe Noise-Gayte on cause all works fine over here and I Will Survive dies start.

I have another question

When I use the Bit Crusher

The sound is not transformed into the song Jennifer Paige - Crush.

I tried, but I do not hear the song.

Does the swallow know the wild goose’s course?
Swim with one foot on the ground.
The sea cannot be scooped up in a tumbler.
Not a few things at first appear difficult.
If one cannot hook trout, try digging clams.