⮚ Renoise 3.2.1 & Redux 1.1.1 released

Windows 10 Firefox 69.0.3 x64 and Ubuntu (based) Firefox 69.0.2 x64, no problems at all with backstage.

Ok, it’s still quite a strange design without the proper Taskbar Icons to be able to switch to and restore the extra windows. If i compare it to other applications for example, say Steam spread out over two monitors, i will get one icon for the main window on the main screen and two icons on the second screen for the friendslist and chat windows. A graphics application like Paintshop Pro will have extra taskbar icons for the tabs within the application and if i drag out a tab from a Webbrowser like Firefox, i’ll get pretty much another instance of the browser. When using something like a tool palette window style, it’s usually not having a way to maximize or minimize, closing would also reattach it. The Taskbar icons usually do the preview for the Taskswitcher and handle any restoring functionality. Maybe instead of letting the window totally vanish, intercept the WM_MINIMIZE and WM_CLOSE and at least reattach the window back to the main window? The maximized state not being stored can be somewhat worked around by manually resizing the window on the second screen to it’s full view and not use the maximize button. If it’s too much hassle for now i can live with it, doesn’t make Renoise unusable. :slight_smile:


All work correctly! Thanks you!

Thank you very much for developing this new version!

EDIT: Split bug report to "Flip button” in automation editor does not adjust custom curves


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Works fine now.

There seems to be Renoise 3.21 stable in the backstage now, in case you did not realize.

Seems to be new. Yesterday evening it wasn’t there.

That’s weird. My backstage still only has 3.2.1b1

Thank you for the hint.

Same for me.

Ahh… I also have 3.21 stable. It was there yesterday too.

I guess there will soon be a new ad available.


…for me. :disappointed_relieved:

Windows version later then. I like that priority change :sweat_smile:

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I checked and Renoise 3.2.1 stable wasn’t there yet :cactus:

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For VIPs only


Did you guys click on “more builds”?

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Seems so. :grin:

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Renoise 3.2.1 stable and Redux 1.1.1 are visible to everyone now.

Sorry for the confusion. I had the final builds up for testing for a few people only during the weekend…