Renoise 3.2.2 failing to parse XML


I had this error the other night, it was really strange, and the theme and everything reset to default. and I just tried to use theme import, for this new Dracula theme, and I got the same error

“Failed to parse the XML file.”

I’m just about to reinstall 3.2.2 again.

Optiplex, Failed to parse Win10 pro, Core i5 9500 (6 cores), 16 gigs of ram, ssd 256

Ok, completely uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t do anything to fix this :frowning:

Cause that Dracula theme looks so cool, and I can’t check it out …

Can you import other themes? Perhaps the XML for the Dracula theme is broken.

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Yes, I can import other themes. So I think the XML for Dracula might be broken :frowning:

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Why not upload your xrnc file here and see if anyone can see a problem with the file?

It’s not my file to upload. Im not the author of Dracula Theme

Dracula is the general discussion forum, its one of the most recent posts in the color theme thread

Ok. I can tell you that the file that I downloaded from the open public github link seems to load fine here.

Well that’s strange… anyways, I had this weird issue the other night with one of the bundled themes - but I can’t remember which bundled theme.

But every time I try to load Dracula, this consistently happens…

Hmm, IDK then. Do keep in mind that just uninstalling and reinstalling Renoise might not give you a completely clean fresh restart. Renoise configuration files might be preserved. Any tools (and ultimately the notifiers) that are enabled are also brought back into play.

True… if i figure out what is going on… any repeatable bug, that can actually be reproduced in a logical way… I’ll make a new thread

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