Renoise 3.2.4 by Renoise is not updated on third-party sites (and still lists Renoise 3.1)

Renoise is not listed in it’s current 3.2.4 version on third-party sites.

kvraudio lists Renoise 3.1

I have no idea where else Renoise is also advertised,

I suggest to update these places…

(I have no permission to edit the KVRaudio listing).

As soon as stable updates are available for download on this official Renoise website,
like the Renoise 3.2.4 release, all the external displaying websites, a list to go through
and update.

Download Renoise 3.2.4 now:

  • registered users can download their official licensed Renoise version from the Renoise backstage.
  • registration benefits are:
  • Render (part) to new audio sample
  • Render song to audio file on disk (opt. per track and pattern)
  • Plugin’s sound grabber
  • Your Name in the program
    to register, visit
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