► Renoise 3 Beta testing starts - announcing Redux

vV: Nerve is absolutelly great and inspirational, trust mue.

NI finally has Linux versions!!! That’s awesome news! Gotta check that out immediately…

Mmh, just searched for 10 minutes, but couldn’t find any information on this. Did I miss something? Is this a closed beta or something?

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yeh more like lp tinnitus or something. i dont know whats keeping taktik back adding new filters - if you want to keep it backwards compatible adding doesn’t seem like it could do any damage right?
i honestly wouldn’t care having a nice big list of filters.

Look, I love linux and I’m generally happy to have new music software support linux. I’m really happy that pianoteq is available on linux. However, renoise is already pretty much the best game (DAW-wise) in town under linux for the foreseeable future (there’s bitwig… but I said ‘foreseeable’ ;) It doesn’t make sense for me to buy redux since I’m already using renoise.

Linux is already a small market to begin with that’s not going to be a substantial revenue stream. Subtract from that small market the existing renoise fanbase who would be using renoise under linux anyway and it’s even smaller (left pretty much with the trickle of ardour users in need of a sampler). So personally, I’m not seeing cross-platform-including-linux as a revenue-generating part of the business plan.

Ultimately it’s up to the devs and I respect their decision. As I mentioned, I really like Renoise 3 and linux so I’m not trying to give anyone a hard time here.

The problem I have is that I can’t tell me that kind of things, for example, that Renoise has completely changed and that I’ve lost all the fun I had, that my favourite software isn’t what it used to be, and that’s so sad, and so on…

I cry when I truly loose something I love.

And I’m searching something that I’ve truely lost with this 3rd release. Well let’s face it, I’ve lost nuthin’. I can do basically the same things, nearly the same way. It’s just the graphical interface that has changed and I find the new one even more logical, flexible, and structured in a better way. I can use additionnal methods, and make even more complex modulations than before. I’lll be able to use more realistic instruments, but still can use my old crappy samples if I want. What the hell did I truely loose so that I’d need to cry ?

Maybe I’ve lost a bit of my time, to believe in the existence of a radical move, to believe in a revolution… in the end, it’s just an evolution & some improvements.

Gotta agree with kurtz here …You can still renoise as you did in the past …
While the mod .section …defenintilay needs rework .;There are a lot of usefull things …envelopes can now have fast stages regardless of tempo
And the gui ;; you’ll get used to it …but one thing that really pisses me of it that you have to go to the plugin tab to load fxp/fxb …why ???
Also get rid of the antialiang of the superimposed output envelope, it just consumes CPU

XG2003 and co: moved your discussion here and tried to make it a suggestion instead.

hear hear!

LOL! :yeah:

Nobody was asking them to put in ‘everything’, they were asking them to put in the things most people have been asking for, for years…

How do you manage to completely ignore reality every time you post?

Yes, precisely. The developers ignore what we have written there, and just go ahead with new stuff - WITHOUT TELLING US - and now are probably sitting there thinking “Why don’t they like the new stuff we made?”. I still have to battle with the Pattern Matrix every time I try to make a song, the simplest things are ten times more difficult than in Buzz. Or FL Studio. Or Orion. Or any other DAW that uses clips.

Everybody is going on about the phrases as if they are wonderful - a proper sequencer would be wonderful too.

Im really enjoying Renoise 3. Redux (for me) is way better than making some Frankenstien of a program coughFL Studiocough. With Redux I’ll be able to load it into Reaper. All the key commands I like in Renoise can be used in Reaper. Alot of thought has gone into Renoise so I’m cool with what they come up with.

What are FL Studio sales compared to Renoise sales? FL Studio is a fantastic program - do you not know how many SUCCESSFUL artists use it?
Watch the videos in the post from Image Line halfway down this page:

Look at the number of hits on FL Studio tutorial videos on Youtube, compared to those for Renoise. Why has FL Studio got so many more users than Renoise? (Or Buzz, for that matter.)

ouch …I just listened to the clips that image line posted …to show of the popularity of fl studio …not dissing fl studio …but those posted clips are the cancer of electronic music …one giant pile of SHIT

This only proves that the majority of people have an awfull taste in music
Buzz …james holden …like .it
Renoise …well you know

Lets agree to disagree. The internet could do without another “Red verses Blue” debate :)

Marketing strategies willfully use “inductions” instead of “deductions”.

Induction example :
Good writers use MS Word to write.
MS Word is a popular top selling tool.
Populations that use MS-Word will automatically produce popular top selling good writings.

Reality :
With MS Word you will write known shits, very interesting but unkown writings, and known good books.

Back to music.

Depeche Mode & VAC listed Renoise as a part of their gear.
That doesn’t prove that everybody that use Renoise will be as successfull as Depeche Mode or VAC.

It’s also highly probable that some kind of commercial craps are regularly performed with the help of Renoise.
Because, If I have no musical taste at all, whatever I’ll use, Ableton, FL, or Renoise, Psycle or Buzz : I’ll do the same shit. That is pure deduction.

A popular top selling musical good tool doesn’t proove than the music made with it will magically become good and popular.

where you read DM have Renoise or listed in their gears?

I am just saying that the posted clips are a giant pile of shit ., sure alot of shit tunes are written with protools or any other program .
Wisp is an avid fl studio user …( don’t like his music either ) but at least it’s better then the posted ex’s …
In the end it doesn’t matter…
And debating about what’s good and bad music …is indeed useless

I posted the link to those videos of songs made with FL Studio in response to the earlier comment that Fl Studio was a ‘Frankenstein’ program…

Nowhere did I say it would magically make good music. People have a choice, yet so many are choosing FL Studio. Why is that? Good interface design, perhaps? Easy to make decent sounding music with? I learnt it in ten minutes by watching a video, no problems at all.

Not enough use of keyboard shortcuts though, and I don’t suppose it ever will have them, so it still isn’t really what I want.


ps I started a thread asking people to post up the .xrns they have done using phrases, so we can see what the phrases can do. So far nobody has posted any…