► Renoise 3 Beta testing starts - announcing Redux

(hypeartist) #480

I guess the “at least” it should support is DFD, as most up-to-date sw samplers do

(Bungle) #481

There is a bunch of usability tweaks it really needs too, things like adjusting the release length on the AHDSR and it being non visible off screen and no way to zoom out (Maybe there is, i havent found it)
Plenty of little tweaks like that need doing
Redux will never be used by anybody for chromatic instruments though, that has been discussed elsewhere in the forum, having to have dedicated modulators for everything is just crappy, so many sounds are based on the volume and filter being modulated by the same envelope (Simple example), which cant be done in Renoise/Redux.
So it will only ever gain any usage from drums and loops, and that is a saturated market.
I was really excited until i started using the sampler heavily and found how weak it’s design actually is.
Such a shame that tx16w doesn’t support DFD

(splajn) #482

You guys have done some great work. Many really nice and powerful things.

Just miss the ability to load two or more vsti´s into an instrument.

(polardark) #483

It’s going to take me a while to get my head around this new update but it looks awesome! :yeah:

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask questions about this but there are currently two things I’m wondering about (it’s possible that they are things that are simply just not implemented yet?):

– How do i configure the filter cutoff of an instrument to track the note pitch?

– How do i get the a phrase to not restart the sequence when I’m playing notes in legato with mono mode? This is normally very useful for live transposing of bass lines and arpeggios.

– In mono mode, when I’m holding down a key (C-4) and then i hold down another key (E-4), it will change the tone playing to the second note (E-4). When i then release only the second key (E-4) with the first key (C-4) still depressed it doesn’t return to playing the first key (C-4), it just goes quiet. Can this triggering behavior be changed?

EDIT: OMFG i just realized that i’ve been using Renoise for something like 10 years now.

(ffx) #484

Well, I believe the Renoise team should delay the Redux release until the release of Renoise 3.1, since Renoise has still some major conceptual problems with the sampler modulation. You maybe would get stuck with the concept…

My opinion:

  • At least add math rules (* before +) for a modulator chain. For performance and redundancy reasons also add bracket operators.

  • Add a routing modulator “get input from set XX”, with option +, *, -, /. Combined with brackets and math rules, parallel and serial routing of multiple sets would be possible

(Djeroek) #485

wat? You could link up a keytracker meta-device with whatever parameter before this beta. There is also a keytracker device in the modulation options of the instrument editor if you mean instrument editors filters cutoff?

Don’t think this is possible, have you tried changing the keytracking options in the phrase editor?

(notorius) #486

Why not releasing renoise as a vst plugin instead of reinventing the wheel again ?

I dont get it.

(Gwynevyr) #487

I’ve looked through the first ten pages of this thread and didn’t see this mentioned (apologies if I missed it). I don’t have a current Renoise license, so I can’t try out the new Beta version–can anyone tell me if this issue has been addressed? In 2.8 (and all other versions previously), the active row cursor is locked to the center of the pattern window, and scrolling with the mouse wheel or moving with the arrow keys causes the entire pattern to move while the active row cursor stays stationary. This one thing has driven me completely crazy and is literally the only reason I haven’t thrown money at Renoise (I’m used to trackers like ModPlug, which allows you the option of moving the active row independently with the scroll wheel or arrow keys, leaving the pattern itself stationary until the cursor reaches the bottom of the pattern window).

I realize I’m probably in the minority of people who were bothered by this, and it’s clear from what I’ve read of this thread that there were far more widely-requested features that didn’t make the cut (which doesn’t leave me much hope either), but if this one seemingly small option is added, I’d buy a license today.

(shadowpsyc) #488

I don’t believe this option exists(using 3b5)

I would also like to see this although it’s not a major thing for me

(Gwynevyr) #489

That’s more or less what I expected. :frowning:

For the devs reading this (and dblue commented on the thread I linked to above, so I know he’s aware that there are at least some people who really want to see this option added): is this something that has any chance of being done in Renoise 3? Is it something that would be difficult to do (and therefore not worth it for such a small subset of Renoise users), or is it something relatively simple?

(MonsterRadioMan) #490

You should request it in the Beta idea’s and suggestions forum. It’s not a bad idea. Not something that completely breaks Renoise for me but I can understand your position on it. However, I think you should keep working with the Renoise demo. You may eventually get used to it, since it’s really a workflow issue. Renoise has a lot to offer, and the instrument editor in Renoise 3 is excellent. No two DAW’s have the same workflow and it takes time to get used to the way another one works. I’m used to linear DAW’s. The first time I used I freaking HATED it. I just didn’t get the whole tracker thing. Now it’s all I really use. Although I am considering buying Bitwig, if only to have a good DAW in Linux to work alongside Renoise.

(Gwynevyr) #491

Thanks for the suggestion! (I actually totally missed the Beta forums at the bottom of the forums list.) I’ve submitted it here, if anyone wants to comment on it there.

Interestingly, I come from the totally opposite end of the spectrum–I’m used to trackers, and I’ve only ever dabbled lightly with other more traditional DAWs. I did try to get used the the active row centering in Renoise, but even after spending some good quality time with it, I just couldn’t live with it. I had no problems with any of the other aspects of the program, even the parts that vary widely from what I’m used to in ModPlug/OpenMPT.

The problem stems from using the mouse as my primary way around rather than the keyboard–I click into the row I want to add or edit a note in, and that causes the entire pattern to suddenly jump so that the row I click is in the middle of the pattern window, and I end up disoriented about where things are because everything’s suddenly shifted around. And that happens again the next time I click, and the next, and the next. For people who mainly move around with the keyboard (which is likely most people), this would probably never be an issue.

(esaruoho) #492

btw, it’s actually kind of terrifying to try and figure out how to do this (the frame-changing scripts have been made completely unusable by the detachable windows)

(LOLFAIL) #493

expiring date on friday was a “surprise” plan it on monday pls : D

(Riese Rübezahl) #494

Hey i made the mistake to actually finish songs in the beta, and now the beta is expired! I thought there will be the release of the real version right after, but apparently i was wrong. Please release it soon, since i worked on some projects and saved it in the beta. so now i cant use those files with 2.8 anymore :\

(dblue) #495

3.0 Beta 7 was released yesterday. Simply log into http://backstage.renoise.com and grab it.

(LOLFAIL) #496

yesterday worked fine “caturday” - different time zone in this case hehe :D

(LOLFAIL) #497

im so amazed, just made backup of all maschine projects and vst plugins and removed them, aaaand started making renoise instrument library, only with native fx and samples, mother of god, i feel the maximum for few years is guaranteed, thanks :*

(Skolskoly) #498

You guys know you can just set your computer’s clock back before the expiry date right?

(Riese Rübezahl) #499

no i didnt, but thanks ;)

and apparently there is a new beta avaivable, so no problem!