Renoise 3 not indicating open window on Windows 8 taskbar

  • When I run Renoise and then switch over to another program (usually a browser) in Windows 8, the Renoise icon pinned to the taskbar is not recognizing an open program window (it doesn’t light up), so I can’t just click the icon to switch back to Renoise. - HOW TO REPRODUCE THE PROBLEM: In a Windows 8 session, create a taskbar icon for Renoise (locate the file on the hard drive in Windows Explorer, right-click and select ‘Pin to Taskbar’.). Left click the taskbar icon to launch Renoise. Once loaded, minimize the Renoise window and open a session of Firefox or Chrome. Once loaded, return to the taskbar and attempt to switch back to Renoise. - WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN: The icon on the taskbar should be highlighted, indicating an open window for the program in question. - WHAT IS HAPPENING FOR ME. The icon isn’t highlighted and there doesn’t seem to be any way to access the open session of Renoise. Left-clicking the icon again launches a second session of Renoise, at which point the taskbar icon will indicate two windows open (two separate sessions). ADDENDUM: by right clicking the taskbar and launching Task Manager, the Renoise session can be accessed and then the icon is properly highlighted upon minimizing the window. But that should not be necessary.