Renoise 4 Speculation thread

1st idea is to rename renoise to doofers!

Okay, this thread just simply made me LOL. Great one! :D


I speculate that we will never see renoise 4…
I’ve read that renoise is cheap because of the small market but it is false… small market=hight price… Big market= lower price…
I would easily pay renoise 300 euros even more if features were “up-to-date”…
I think the low price reflect the limited skill of the devs (with respect as i am not a coder)… thats all… i even wonder if renoise devs are making music at all… i guess not…
And i’m not an hater… i use trackers since FT2… me an hater??? Think about…
And please no flame… Im just not happy with the new renoise and the way it has take… im right to do so? i hope…
Well its not the end of the world… a lot of peoples seems to be happy with r3 and its a good thing at least… Cheers!

Yes, it is your solid right to do so. The road Renoise is taking is still the same path that it started many years ago. This release only just another portion is added to make the road complete but it is still not complete.
Perhaps the things you desire are a few extra miles away from where the devs are now?

A lot of trackers have been created by developers wanting to have a tool to create something cool very quickly while they had a position as musician somehow (either as main or as background).
For Renoise this was not much different.

Here are some links with works from every current active Renoise developer:
(Taktik also using Bogger as an alias next to Helvetikone, also seems/ed active as live-artist)




Renoise 4 Speculation thread ? …hahahahahahahhahaha…ok Iam done. :rolleyes:

v4.0 won’t be released in many years, so why speculate already?
Ok maybe this isn’t serious but anyways.

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This thread is in bad taste.

Zoom feature from pattern size, to phrase size, to sample size, to subsample size … and quantums

you could use the screen magnifier from windows :)

Groups are gonna’ do what they wanna’ do.

I speculate that this thread is pointless… :unsure: