Renoise 64Bit

just wanted to ask when the first 64bit will be available for win7 and other win64bit os systems.

just saw that linux have a 64bit version … :slight_smile:


but it’s in work already, yes?

You can try the 64-bit version for Linux if you are desperate.

I use the big 3 OS, and I really dont see a lot of diference between 64bits and 32 bits apps.

Possibly mega-high quality 64-bit audio. ;)

I hope I can get less “out of memory” pop=ups when Renoise can access more of my memory.

Non. Maybe you get me wrong, I was saying that to the original poster.

Name me a soundcard that supports 64-bit audio in a reasonable pricerange.

Same here. I’m not currently able to mix together very long samples because of this (i.e. stringing together several songs for an album). With the extra memory support of 64bit, I’ll be able to literally handle every single aspect of a release in Renoise.

just a note: by using 32bit Renoise into a 64bit Windows OS you will already be able to address up to 3GB of RAM without any hack as you had to do with 32bit Windows

you had to? :panic:
not that i ever had that problem, but you never know… where can i find that “hack”?

All the m-audio soundcards. Please name a modern card that doesn’t heve it. I’m in for a new card, then I know what not to buy.

I don’t really care about Renoise being 64bits yet, although it’s the only part of my hard- and software that doens’t support 64bits.

64-bit audio is different to 64-bit processing. see and

As far as i’m aware there is no hardware that supports 64-bit audio. I’ve seen a couple of ‘audiophile’ (rich idiot) DACs that support 32-bit audio, but there really is no need for it outside of software. Last time I checked, the laws of physics meant that analogue circuits have a maximum dynamic range of 120dB (24-bit audio has a maximum dynamic range of 144dB)

Sorry to thread hijack!

I’m sorry, I thought you were talking about drivers for 64bits os.

M-Audio often don’t anyway, they are terrible with drivers.
My 2496 is running on Windows 7 64-bit, which only recently had the drivers for it released. Even with these instead of the vista ones i was using, my audio still seems to blip every so often. I don’t just mean when creating music, that can be expected, i mean when just playing music (e.g. spotify). How come my shit-old budget laptop plays music just fine, but my power desktop with a professional soundcard can’t even play uninterupted audio? What gives?

I cant use 4,8, or 1000 gb of RAM with Renoise(32 bits) in a 64 bits OS??? I didnt know that.
If that is correct, yes, we need a 64 bit version!

How many hours days will a 1000 GB song take to load :lol:

about two days if you load it from RAM, about two weeks when loading from HD. I tested it.

Never if it is an MP3 of 1000GB :ph34r: