Renoise & Ableton Rewire

I want to use Renoise as master and Ableton as slave in rewire mode. Anyone now how to do this??

Startup Renoise and then insert a ReWire Device into any particular track and then select Ableton in the dropdown list.

If your host of your choice doesn’t appear in the list, these could be the reasons:
-Your desired host doesn’t support ReWire slave mode.
-Your desired host doesn’t meet the xx-bit version of the Renoise version (you can’t connect 32-bit Rewire hosts with 64-bit and vice versa)
-Your desired host may be 64-bit but doesn’t support 64-bit ReWire (there was a time where ReWire wasn’t 64-bit yet, not every host developer updated their software to support this when it turned possible)

Here is an instruction how to do this:

This should apply also to Renoise 2.8 and Ableton Live latest version.

Has anyone got Renoise (master) to Ableton (slave) got working?
I use renoise 2.8.1 and Live 9.0.4 both 64bit
It won’t sync when i press play
Is it even possible?

I figured it out Yeah!!!
Works now :)