Renoise + Ableton = ...





Again, this sounds like a nice piece of a adventure/RPG game soundtrack to me. Keep staying in that head/creativity space. Perhaps ask a few independent game studios, if they need soundtracks as soon as you have a big enough portfolio. I like it, because it catalyzes pixelated visualizations and tells/respectively adds to a possible story.

BTW : If you’d exchange Ableton Live with Reaper, you would probably be even more productive. :clownstep:

Thank you Rachman for you’re excellent advices and tips. And I will tried asap when I’ll have a portfolio big enough to contact some indie game studios, it would be a dream :smiley: I would like to know if you have already work with some studios ? Maybe it could help me to ask you… And I don’t know Reaper, what daw is this ? :rolleyes:

No, I did not work in the industry, yet, but I had a few aquintances that worked there (but as developers) and I have to admit, they told me, it is a hardcore environment with many extra hours involved, but this is the word for devs not artists. If you have an artists contract, they just pick your songs and then it is juristically theirs and you are prohibited to sell or show it elsewhere without their permission of course.

There are so many independent game studios atm, that one can loose track but in your case I would just send my portfolio to a few small indie adventure game studios. You have nothing to lose.

I don’t create game soundtracks atm, so I am not the best anchor man for that. My tipp is : Just keep producing pieces for different RPG game atmospheres (exploring, fighting, ruling) and then send your portfolio. But it should be reviewed before you send it. (mastered and mixed correctly)