Renoise Acceptable BPM Finder Calculator EDIT

A stand-alone BPM tool I made.

Type in Ceiling Percentage of Desired Tempo Speed (25.000-97.5%)
Then it will show the results of base BPM for 4 lines per beat, next it will show also, Low-Mid BPM, Mid BPM and Max BPM related to the base BPM. Then it will tell you if you want to restart the process or quit. The source code is included and an executable for Linux. It’s just a simple calculator. I wish I knew the importance of Tempo sooner because I was always listening to Speedcore/Splitter/Extratone, but then I grew out of it and could actually FEEL music music that’s not too fast. 62.5 - 243.75 BPM is the minimum and max it will find. This is basically a wall between being too slow or too fast, 50% is perfectly centered at 125 BPM. I got the reference long ago from 1000 BPM being a constant tone so I set the min limit to 250 & max limit to 975 for a reference number. I do not want constant tones in my music, it’s like milliseconds, which is a thousand of a second. Same thing applies here. I was planning on just using the calculator for myself, but you guys could have it. (90% which is 225 should be the perfect fastest BPM.)

Renoise Acceptable BPM Finder Calculator