Renoise Allowed In The Complete Mod Compo?

First of all, this isn’t spam. I have Phazze’s permission. :D

You may have heard the rumors that Renoise (as well as Skale and Mad Tracker 2) will soon be an allowable format in The Complete MOD Compo. As the head honcho of CMC, I hereby announce that the rumor is true. :) Starting with September’s compo, I’ll be setting up three separate spin-off compos, one for each next-generation program, that will follow the same rules as the original CMC.

Full details are up on the CMC page if you’re curious, but mainly what I’m looking for right now is YOUR feedback.

First of all, will you be interested in competing in CMC Renoise? Keep in mind that in order to compete in CMC, you have to vote on the current crop of songs first. Give a little, get a little. :rolleyes:

Second of all, my understanding of Renoise is that it does make use of some plug-in features. I don’t want to have to force CMC’s voters to constantly have to download this, that, and the other plug-in just to be able to hear the Renoise entries, but I also don’t like forcing arbitrary rules into a contest of creativity. So I plan to run CMC Renoise thusly: use plug-in features at your own risk. When I screen the entries for CMC Renoise, I will only be using the base program itself, and I will not require CMC Renoise’s voters to download any plug-ins themselves. That doesn’t mean you can’t use any plug-ins, but don’t rely on them too much. Does this sound like a fair compromise to you folks? Please let me know.

ReNoise has a set of built-in “plugins” which can address a lot of composers’ needs, so I think that you could limit ReNoise entries to be “pure RNS files”, without any VST plugin, which at the moment are the only external plugins loadable in ReNoise.

Another, much more complex, solution, could be defining a list of freeware admitted VST plugins, but this is not good in my opinion.

VST also do consume CPU, so some people with slower CPUs could not be able to play (and then vote fairly) other entries, while a “clean” RNS file can be smoothly played even on my PII Celeron 466 Notebook.

I agree with It-Alien here.

Allowing the participants to use external plugins but stating that
the plugins will not be used doesn’t make sense. Simply state something like
“no external plugins allowed, the song will be played using the latest
version of Renoise (1.27)”.

The same rules should of course apply to all plugincapable
trackers, that’s the most important thing.

I will take part sometimes definatly :D

PT, thanks for the vote of confidence. :) IT-Alien, Martinal, thanks a million! :) That’s exactly the sort of insider advice I was hoping to get, and it makes perfect sense. I still need to get feedback on Skale, but their forums are acting up and won’t let me post right now. But keep in mind that Skale and Renoise will be in seperate compos, at least for now, so for now the rules might not have to be consistent. (They probably will be consistent, but that’s my disclaimer, and I’m stickin’ to it.)

So, to recap, straight RNS files only, with Renoise’s internal “plug-ins” perfectly legal, but VSTs not allowed at all. Anything I’m missing? Any other suggestions or rules?

well, of course a size limit, and maybe a duration limit, though I would hate it.

I love those limitations, ´coz you can see how good the composer really is and it does also prevent us from downloading MEGAHUGE Files :)

indeed I’ve said I hate only the time limit, not the size one.

Limiting duration makes sense during demoparties, but it doesn’t on online voting compos.