Renoise and Anime :)

(lettuce) #21

Lol @ trying to use a music production forum to try and make people hate jews…wtf?

So, renoised…was I right about you being a white supremacist then?

And right about you having multiple accounts on the forum?

(danoise) #22

Off-topic going off-topic.

Do you think it’s right that my friend should be banned just because he is anti-semitic?

Absolutely. But he didn’t cross that line - at least not yet. He’s not banned, just can’t post for a few days.

Many forum members flagged his posts and the moderator decided to act on this.

(GUEST:::El°HYM) #23

Not a big Manga knowledge over here; yet that #fullMetalAlchemist is on sum next level shit!

Bar what’s already been mentioned:

  • Samurai Champloo

  • Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

  • Steins Gate

  • Hunter X Hunter [last arc is great]

  • Deadman Wonderland [only 1 season though which is a pity]

Any of the Studio Ghibli films, or just anything at all by Hayao Miyazaki

(gentleclockdivider) #24


I really enjoyed Macross and the series Macross Plus back in the day… Still have it on VHS stored away in a box in the basement somewhere

(lilith) #26

What happened with the flat earth thread?