Renoise And Audio Units On Osx

Does anyone know if Audio Units that are shipped with Apple’s Logic Pro can be used by other applications? Like well… for example Renoise if Renoise would read AU?

Audio Units don’t work in Renoise.

There is an application to convert VST to AU but the inverse can not be done as far as I know.

I know that AU is not supported but I meant if Renoise would can read an Audio Units directory like you can scan directories for VST’s on the pc? The AU that come with Logic is like totally off the hook.

Oh, then the answer is yes.

AU is the “new” VST and they are cross application compatible by design.

hopefully the devs will analyze the recent poll and determine whether or not to implement it based on how many mac users voted for AU., because i imagine they all did. at least the ones that did vote.
i agree some of them are really nice :D

Ah cool… I hope the OSX version of Renoise will support this in the future. I have heard from numerous developers that the AU documentation is really good. Sooooooo hint hint :D

I personally would like to see a pared-back version renoise in an AU instrument itself. Just dreaming about this at the moment because my demanding job is preventing me from doing music much these days. Time to quit, methinks.