Renoise And Dual Processor Systems...

I have one interesting question.
Can Renoise & VST Plugins work with dual processor systems? For example with Xeon. And with Athlon too.
What will be increase of capacity?

I did a search on this in this forum but could not find anything,
because i have a dual machine too and would like some info about this.

Would it be possible to let Renoise assign different vsts to my second cpu?..

When im at full load in Renoise my cpu usage = 50% hence 1 cpu at 100%…but my second cpu is like almost asleep… when i render a song Renoise uses 2 cpus i guess because then im seeing 100% usage.


unlikely… you can’t split the renoise.exe process into 2. and since renoise is hosting the plugins, they don’t appear as separate processes. you could shift your other processes to another processor i guess.

I believe it would be possible to “execute” the vst(i) in a new thread, and then use…ffinitymask.asp

(ok, haven’t played around with threads that much… martin or tactic probably knows if it is possible or not :)