Renoise And East West Symphonic Choirs/Word Builder

Greetings and salutations folks,

Has anyone been able to successfully run Renoise —> Word builder -----> East West Symphonic Choirs?

I am on running Renoise 2.5 on a Mac 8 core/OSX 10.6

I have tried the following with no success…

Renoise sending midi to Word builder via one of the following: WordBuilder, Renoise Midi, OSX IAC driver
and returning to EWSC as both AU and VST plugin in renoise set to accept one of the following (in pref/midi/midi in) renoise in, or Word builder, OSX IAC driver.
I have tried various combination for example sending to WB via wordbuilder and sending out of word builder via IAC driver bus.
The midi info seems to make it fine to word builder only i can not seem to get the output of word builder to reach EWSC instantiated as a VST/AU plug-in within Renoise.
I did have some success using the following: Seding to WB via IAC driver (bus 1) and sending to EWSC via IAC driver (bus 2) only renoise would freeze with this sort of a configuration.
I was pretty thorough during my testing and so I’m sure it is not a slight over sight such as midi channels not set properly.

Has anyone had any luck being able to send midi notes to WB via Renoise and having WB work in conjunction with EWSC instantiated as a plug-in withing Renoise??

any and all help is greatly appreciated. thanks a bunch! :yeah:

I’m not sure what wordbuilder is, but renoise’s midi routing capabilities are pretty limited in comparision to most DAWs. If wordbuilder is some kind of midi outputting VST, renoise can’t route that midi into an instance of the the east west plugin running concurrently…

It can’t concurently, but you can program Renoise to make it send notes using a MIDI instrument that broadcasts the notes to the wordbuilder. I have Wordbuilder and symphonic choirs myself, but not on Mac though.
I’ve been experimenting with this a little bit when i had some spare time but also ran into a few problems.
I think the problem lies a bit in the order of starting what program. I believe you have to start Renoise first, then open your Play library and add another instrument in which you control a MIDI instrument (you have to point that MIDI instrument to your IAC port that is attached to your Wordbuilder MIDI in port).
Then start up Wordbuilder and pick your choir scheme.
Then from there send a signal back to the IAC outport that you have defined in Renoise as your midi in.

Record a few notes in the pattern editor using the MIDI instrument, then select the Choirs play plugin instrument and simply play your pattern.
That should work, but i don’t hink it is the best use for Wordbuilder.

I have better results with just hooking up my midi directly to Wordbuilder and then only send the MIDI data to Renoise using the virtual midi cable (Midi Yoke in my case) and record the results.
Then simply use the recorded samples in your song. I consider Symphonic Choirs a bit too big to run directly in a song.

Can you explain this in more details? How do you hook up all this to the PLAY Choir instrument? Isn’t that WB should be hooked to PLAY? I don’t understand it…

Hi Folks,

I can say it works Perfect with ReNoise.
My Setup : Renoise 2.8.1 and Symphonic Choirs Play Edition (new version from

It works like a Dream (including WordBuilder) and u can use all TrackFX from Renoise.

But i can also say that the Warezed (Outdated) version will NOT work with ReNoise (exept u use it as External Midi Instrument)

Intrestet people from Germany schould look to “JustMusic” shop (have sometimes a nice Offer : Symphonic Choirs Play Edition for less than 270,00 Euros !!!)

Edit: now i have to correct my post.
The setup is working fine under osx mountain lion, not windows!
Under windows i get only a error message if i try to use SC ;-(

And Again a Update : The error was becoz i used a32bit Plugin in a 64Bit Enviroment :frowning: Shame on me…
Now also the Windows Version is working fine for me :slight_smile: