Renoise And Hardcore Don't Get Along Very Well...

Greetings fellow Renoise users! :)

I’m a music production wanabee and i’ve started to try Renoise just a few weeks ago. I love the program and i’m trying to get the hang of the tracker structure but a few problems came up just after i created my first hardcore beats:

I’ve added some extras to the track like the “5-10 eq”, “compressor”, “shaper”, “bassdrum murda” and i must tell you, the kick got really awesome and distinct but then, i added Vanguard synth to other track and other and channel and that’s where all hell broke loose. The effects that i’ve added to my bassdrum sequence where being applied also to Vanguard sounds, wich came up pretty distorted and almost unhearable. I cannot put this into words any better, if this problem is common to you or just part of my stupidity, please let me know, i’d be really thankfull… :)

Once again, thanks for releasing the best production system around, untill a next time! :)


The thing is that i think that i’ve already distributed the vanguard output to other track and it already sounds kinda mixed with the effects of the firt track…

Anyway, i mostly think that the problem is due to my lack of experience in this matter and i should try other combinations…

Thanks for the tip, i’ll keep in touch.

Regards :)

You may be confusing the Channel setting under VST Instrument Properties with what track the VST will be played on.

Vanguard will be played on the track where you’ve put the notes that trigger it in the pattern editor (so a C note for vanguard on track 2 will mean vanguard plays on track 2). The Channel setting just refers to the MIDI channel renoise sends notes to for that instrument.

As far as hardcore and renoise getting along…there’s no question, it’s a match made in heaven. B)

Don’t bother with routing your outputs to another track… just make a whole new track for the vst, that way there is no confusion with anything. It almost sounds like some kinda weird side chaining you got going on…

Btw if you put the track effects on the master track it will be applied to everything that is played.

If you put the track effects on any of the tracks it will only be applied to notes in that track.

You can also put the track effects in a sendtrack. Then they will be applied to all the tracks that you put a send to that sendtrack on.

Hardcore and Renoise work very well together. I do Hardstyle (nu-gabber) and it works like a charm. I guess, trackers are in general perfect for hard electronic music because they are really technical and more “mathematical” like other sequencers.

amen! :)

Hey all of you! :)

Thank you all for the support, i’ve set the vanguard to a track and the sound got better, a little distorted though when the kicks are being played.
This little distortion from kicks and vanguard playing along is bothering quite much but i’m managing by lowering the master volume and adding compression and effects to each active tracks. BTW, what about some intermediate tutorials? I would like some information about mastering tracks with renoise, is there such thing available?

Anyway, i’m compensating one frustration after another every time i use renoise.

The thing about Renoise not getting along with hardcore was kind of a teaser to get your attention folks, don’t take it personal… :P

Thanks once again for all the support and for the best production application there is! Cheers! :)


Pedro Vieira


I still can’t tell the difference between some techniques, i apologize but i’m quite fresh in the matter…

BTW, something strange is getting me quite angry. I loaded a DNB sample into renoise sequencer. When i play the loop with the sequencer stopped, it sounds quite nice but when i play the loop with vanguard playing it sounds kinda crunchy and somehow distorted, can you recommend me some sites about mixing, or tutorials, anything! I’m getting desperate, please help… :(

can you upload an *.rns with that kick sample and vanguard that gets distortion? (i have vanguard vsti) i think i can say then whats wrong…

Sure, i only have like 10 secs of music. Where can i upload all that stuff?

remember to get the directlink when the transmission is finished.

it can stay there for like a week or so…


Im wondering if the vanguard synth is way to high in volume and is drowning out the other tracks hence causing the distorted effect. (anyone who’s applied a really loud gabba kick to a track without making any alterations first will know what i mean)

Or is it possible you havent go your speakers turned up loud enough and your turning up the volume in renoise to compensate for this ?

Just a thought

(Might be worth checking your sound card settings aswell and see if the volume there needs altering, Or the audio setting in renoise itself and see if the latency setting needs adjusting)


i tend to use this sometimes when i need some EXTRA VOLUME for my speakers. crank it up at the most powerful spot in your song so that
the red light just barely flashes in on the meters… to mutch will make the
sound flat.

kjaerhus classic master limiter

I guess that i’m still not familiarized with volumes and renoise. Even today i got frustrated because when i created a nice kick and all the other VSTs sounded drowned or distorted (in Vanguard’s case).

I’ll continue to hear some more examples and read some more mixing tutz.

About my hardware, i’m using a Soundblaster live and some cheap cheap speakers. My sound setup is like everything to the max! Ok, i sense that something might be wrong here…

I love the program, really! But my crappy tracks sounded better when i was using Cubase. I apologize for that and for my noobness but i can’t deny that fact.

Keep rockin’ like always, i’ll do my best to rock with you someday…

This may sound very obvious, but have you tried simply turning down the main volume to avoid clipping? I find that often the final mix will clip even if the channels don’t clip by themselves… I usually keep my mix volume very low as a result. If I want to blast it, I use the external amplifier in my speakers :P

Here’s something to try:

If you like the sound of your effects, and are worried that they might be hogging your CPU or soundcard (and through this they might be causing the crackling), you can go into the sample editor and click “Apply FX to sample” which will apply the track effects to the sample permanently. You can then remove the EQ, compressor and other effects from the track, freeing up your computer resources a bit. Make sure you’ve got the cursor on the right track in the pattern editor before you do this, though…

of course, that only works with effects that don’t change over time ;)

Hi again. I’m really sorry to revive this topic but when it comes to curiosity there’s nothing that can stop me.

I’ve been a hardcore and it’s sub-genres fan since my 16. I’m currently 21 and i’ve been messing with hosts about a year ago. Since i started hearing projects like Disciples of Annihilation, Delta 9 among others i’ve become fascinated with their powerful percussion lines and psychedelic synth sounds.

Well, i know today that they have used trackers to do their tracks, i know that they had used tr-909 machines to sequence percussion and i suspect that they’ve used the roland tb-303 also.

Well, i’ve become a tracker fan, i’ve got some tr-909 samples and everyday i do my best trying to approach my sound to their sound because i’ve come to the point that we only learn with the best.

Every day i feel more capable of doing something greater but also i feel so distant from the true hardcore sound that sometimes my mind tells me to give up in this instant.

Well, the thing that annoys me the most is that hardcore community is somewhat closed and producers like to keep the most basic techniques to themselves. This is due to individual property issues and possibily “codes of honour” or whatever they may call it.

Well, i’m sorry to take it all out but that’s what keeps me frustrated and i always wanted to share it with someone.

Best regards,

Pedro Vieira

What in particular do you want to know how to do?

We may not have the exact solution, but there are so many ways to skin a cat in dance music production that I doubt the hardcore producers you’re referring to agree amongst themselves on “one best ways” to do things either.