Renoise And Hw Sampler???

Hy Renoise Users,

I just found a weird “bug”.
I tried to use my E6400 ultra sampler with Renoise, but unfortunately, Renoise send false notes to the sampler.
I mean if the base note in the sample is c-4, then in Renoise it should be c-6. That means, Renoise sends c-2 note as c-4.

Renoise covers a range of 10 octaves also according to the frequency tables which are assigned to the sample frequencies that renoise can play.
The octaves are translated 1:1 to the midi range which has 127 note-values to send.
For Renoise a C-4 is notevalue 48 starting from C-0. If your E6400 ultra requires a C-2 to interpret that as a C-4 i think you might consider changing the base note on your sampler to correct the matter. I can understand that the E6400 starts to count from octave 1 instead of 0 (which Renoise does) that would require you to send a C-3 to have it interpreted as a C-4, but your E6400 is for certain one octave off range in your case.