Renoise And Impulsetracker Keysets

heya. i was wondering, what’s the most impulsetracker-like you’ve made the key shortcuts like? i can find no presets or themes or keyshortcut lists that make renoise more palatable for hardcore st3/it2/revisit/schismtracker/ztracker users, so i was wondering if anyone has bumped into any specific issues in it2-izing your renoise, something that just cannot be overcome, re: keyshortcuts.

yours, esa

there was a keyset for I.T. made by another user for a previous Renoise version, a couple of years ago, but I can’t find it anymore (and I’m not sure if it would work on new Renoise versions, anyway).

I.T. is an old program and its user base is decreasing with time, so if noone has created a keyset for it, don’t expect that this will happen in the future, so I think you have two options:

1] try to get accustomed with Renoise’s shortcut (many benefits from doing so)

2] make your own keyset and share it with the others who may need it

ive configured renoises shortcuts to what i could surmise could be done.
f2 is pattern editor. f3 is sample editor f4 is instrument stetings. f5 is play, f6 is play pattern f7 is play frmo row.
alt-b mark
alt-e markend
alt-c copy
alt-p paste
alt-x delete blok
alt-a block one note up
shift-alt-a block one octave up
alt-q block one note down
shift-alt-q block one octave down

cant find no unmark selection otherwise wud put alt-u in that…
this stuff has really helped. shift-f1 rotates through oscilloscopes and disk op. f1 pattern follow on off …

any suggestions in IT2 vein?
btw it’2 userbase has moved somewhat to schismtracker and revisit. revisit can be run through renoise since its a vst:)

oh sorry, forgot to say this about my option b]:

if you want to share your keyset with others, you can send out the following file:

(assuming you are using Windows)
c: \ documents and settings \ yourusername \ application data \ renoise v2.0.0 \ KeyBindings.xml

sure, but i’m hardly finished with the shortcuts. that list was just on the offchance someone else might respond and spill some beans. im not entirely sure wot other neat features one could IT-keyset-ify in renoise… at least not yet.

Sup. This is for OSX only:
Global View Presets

I’ll keep updating these two pages for a while, and eventually add them to once I’ve done a proper presentation of them.

BTW, ALT-F,ALT-G,ALT-M & ALT-I are still missing from Renoise ;)