Renoise and Linux VST help

Edit: Just seen that post below about vst bridge…perhaps this is the thing to use…thanks for whoever posted it. I’d still be interested in hearing from anyone with dssi vst working …thanks

Hi Renoise Team.
I Am using Ubuntu 12.04 new installation and I can’t get Renoise to see my vsts (using DSSI VST). In fact it can’t even see my Linux VSTS either. It was working at first but I suspect something is a bit flaky…
I can start my plugins manually typing vsthost synth1.dll - so dssi vst sees that folder and can start plugins in. So why can’t Renoise? I have tried just about everything…I’ve even set up a new user and tried again but had no luck.
It is weird it worked once and then never again.

I’ve even resorted to putting some of my linux plugins in the /usr/lib/dssi/ folder and you can see Renoise indicating ‘Scanning’ but it won’t bring it up in Renoise.

I only wanted this to work so I could resample my vsts…

As a workaround I am using windows Renoise in Wine - ( but have problems with wineasio working at the moment - does anyone know where on earth you put the nowadays in Ubuntu 12? It used to be in usr/lib/wine then you would do a regsvr32 wineasio.dll but it’s all changed in Ubuntu 12 -I can’t find the new folder it is meant to go in!). Anyway that is another issue!

Does anyone else have windows vsts working in Renoise ( 2 or 3 ) using dssi vst? It obviously does work as I could pick Synth1 from the Linux Renoise plugin menu but I certainly can’t now. How can I check the paths Renoise is looking in - you know - the VST_PATH - is there an ini file in Renoise or something?

Sorry about this tricky one…I have been here all morning bashing away.

dssi-vst works fine for me with R3. Did you install renoise or do you run it directly from the folder you extracted the archive to?

Also make sure you put these commands in your ~/.basrc (hidden file inside your home folder)

export VST_PATH

Change the path to wherever you have your vsts located.