Renoise And Live

Hello all,

What do you think about next Renoise version, to have an extra
module (as octamed for exemple) to make live with Renoise?
For exemple, i want to have 5 songs to play in Live. Is it possible
to put the first song on bank 1, second on bank 2… and simply
changing bank to changing song and start it since beginning. as a dynamic playlist. Octamed (on Amiga) possess this module…

Have a nice day ! :)

what about loading more than one ReNoise session?

ASIO + DX drivers combo can help you in such a task

ok, heuuuu…i don’t want to open more than one renoise…I want to know if it’s possible to open One renoise only, and in this Renoise, read more than one song continuously to make Live. As octamed on amiga. You have a module that allow to changing song when you want.
For exemple i have 2 song that called test1 and test2.
I want to play test1 in renoise, and when i want, by clicking on number or other, i read test2 at the beginning.
i think that this module allow to loading more than one song in Ram Memory to play instantly the song what you want.

I’m sorry because i’m french and my english is so bad but i try to write as much as better ! :)

I’m using Renoise in a live-performance environment. I’ve played a few gigs with it so far. I’m amazed with how well it’s worked, and am planning to continue in this vein. There are, however, a few issues which, if resolved, could make things much smoother.

A “chaining” (or multi-document/multi-session) feature, as discussed in this thread, would be very useful.

There are also a few other live-performance-related enhancements/fixes I’d like to see:

  • Interactive pattern sequencing. This, I think, would be easier to implement than it sounds. I’m mainly looking for: 1. the ability to scroll through the patternlist and choose a target pattern (without the pattern changing immediately to every intermediate pattern as I scroll through the list). 2. the ability to delay the pattern-change until the current pattern is complete (like one does when using a hardware beatbox). 3. automation of pattern-changing (e.g., midi-note-on queues up a new pattern). 4. automation of the “loop pattern” button (e.g., so I can stomp on a sustain pedal to toggle looping).

  • Just-in-time loading/streaming of samples. Some of the RNS files I’m working with are over 100mb, and can take around 30 seconds to load. This could perhaps be solved by adding an option (selected on a sample-by-sample basis) to stream-from-the-original-waveform-on-disk-as-needed rather than include-the-sample-as-part-of-the-RNS-file.

  • Loading an RNS generates some very loud pops/clicks. Avoiding this would be much appreciated, as it would increase the longevity of my audiences’ hearing (in those instances when I’ll invariably forget to turn down the mixer channel when loading).


thanks! you wrote the mail i was too lazy to write for far too long. i second all your points and would be very happy if renoise developers would implement these changes!

I’m also advocating Renoise on stage (have done so here and here)

Live Playlist was discussed here.

If you can get your hands on an oscilloscope, that would probably be the best option. Set the renoises to loop a pattern with a very short click every beat or so. Feed the inputs to the scope, set the scope to trigger on the click produced by machine A, then adjust the machine A clock offset until machine B’s click lines up.

If you can’t find a scope, you could do something similar (but a bit more tedious) using a third machine: mix the audio outputs from A and B, make a recording of this on machine C, then zoom in on the waveform to see how far apart they are. Adjust the clock offset. Repeat as desired.

Fortunately you should only have to do this once, unless your configuration changes significantly.

I’ve achieved some good sync results (between XP and OSX, even) using a technique like this.

Thanks, dby, for the links and the PlayList.txt tip.

PlayList.txt looks like it should take care of this particular need well.

I wasn’t able to get it to work though — I placed the PlayList.txt in my songs directory, containing a list of files in my songs directory, one per line. I restarted renoise, and it started “empty” as usual. I loaded the first song I’d referenced in PlayList.txt and started it. When it reaches the F000, however, it just … stops. It doesn’t load the next song like I assume it’s supposed to. What could I be missing?

OK. I’m glad some other people have used renoise “live” (or at least are interested in this).

Do we know how the actual development team feels about it?

If we want the developers to seriously consider it, we should probably unite on what we’re wanting (and collect a list of people interested, to give them an idea as to how “important” this would be).

From the various posts dby mentioned, and in summary of previous posts on this topic, I think the following list represents a nice set of features/fixes that would make live renoising more practical. The list includes my estimations as to how difficult these would be to implement, speaking as a fairly experienced programmer.

  • (easy) Eliminate clicks during file loading. [[just mute the output during the “Load Renoise Song -> DSP Devices” bit ?]]

  • (easy) Automation of loop-pattern switch [[midi controller -> toggle looping]]

  • (easy) Automation of pattern changing [[midi note -> new target pattern]]

  • (moderate) Toggle to enable change-pattern-after-current-pattern-is-finished

  • (moderate) Change patternlist interface to require a click before the currently-playing pattern is changed

  • (difficult) Sample streaming

  • (difficult) Automation Mapping Enhancements as mentioned in this thread

  • (difficult) Single-screen Console Interface as mentioned in this message

  • (difficult) Improved Looping Capabilities as mentioned in this thread

Are we all ok with this?

From the posts to some other similar topics, I gather that the following users are particularly interested in this general idea (in no particular order): Dlagon, pure, dby, Elwood Blues, laurencedavies, pro_xy, dopefish, splajn, mr moses, antialias, smokris

Anyone else?

Personally, I’d like to see at least the “easy” stuff implemented soon… I’ve got a few gigs in the next few months which would benefit from any of the above features.

So… Should I place a 911 call to the developers about it? :^P

I remember reading a suggestion about being able to control sample loop points via pattern effects…
…would be really cool if you could assign this to midi-knobs and sliders.

i am with you :)


Not all soundcards support DX + ASIO drivers simultaneously.
You could also advise a soundcard which does this for sure.

Just imaging - it would be really cool ! :dribble:

I’m guessing you’re wanting to alter relatively short sampleloops, to produce atonal glitchiness?

Or to remix drumloops?

Well, until we have that ability directly in renoise, “buffer override” by destroyfx provides some vaguely similar functionality.

For my last two shows I controlled this plugin live in Renoise, and it worked well.

Actually, I like playing with loops that doesn’t quite match - to make some abstract grooves and stuff like that.

Controlling loop points (with midi or pattern commands) would make quite a unique feature I believe - at least for a tracker. Heaven for the drill’n’bass people. Like looping a snare for a fast fill and decreasing the loop time until it sounds like a note.