Renoise and Midi Time Stamping?

Does Renoise on OSX support MTS or AMT featured midi interfaces?

I’m sequencing an AKAI sampler and want to minimise jitter so am thinking as MOTU or Emagic interface with some sort of midi stabilisation system. As I understand the software needs to support this to work though…

Any other tips on getting solid midi out of renoise and OSX would be mint too!

Yes, we’re passing over MIDI timestamps to the driver on OSX instead of scheduling messages by our own, so MTS should work if the driver/HW supports it via the MIDI drivers on OSX.

The Emagic way of doing this is not standarized, only supported by Logic, if I remember well.
In general, when nevertheless running into troubles with MIDI timing on OSX, which in general is quite unlikely, try lowering the Audio buffer sizes…

Cool, MOTU interfaces should be a good bet then.
That said I’m getting decent results from my m audio interface since switching to OSX anyway!

Thanks btw!