Renoise And Recycle

Hey all,

I’m trying to find a good programme for simply changing the BPM of drum breaks and Recycle appears to be the best program I’ve found.

I’ve just upped the tempo of a break and exported, but instead of giving me one .wav file with the new sped-up loop, it’s giving me the chopped parts.

Does anyone know a way to get the new, sped-up break into Renoise? I’ve seen a video that involves Reaper but I don’t have the money to buy another program.

Any help much appreciated.

(I’m on a Mac if that makes any difference!)

yes there is a little icon up in the top left or maybe in the file drop down list,but either way it says transmit as single sample,you need to have this enabled in order for recycle to export the loop as a whole.

Ah, thanks.

Really should have noticed that myself! Thanks again.