Renoise And The Akai Mpd16

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has or has used an Akai MPD16 with Renoise via USB, and how well it works.

Thanks in advance

Short answer is YES it works, the longer answer is NO its not so useful, without a suitable VSTi like battery.

Renoise can mimmick a drum VSTi like battery by assigning different hits to different notes under the one instrument. You can then program you MPD to play these hits. The shortfall of this is that as soon as u release the pad the sample will cut and the drum pattern will not flow. Basically use battery if you want to use your mpd for drum programming

If you would like to use your mpd to as a transport type midi controller you will be disappointed because midi mapping in renoise is very basic atm. Hopefully it will be improved into the future. This will transform my workflow as i use a padkontrol and the flexibility of it is incredible.

have you tried unchecking “Record noteoffs” (look on bottom-left corner)?

you can try Bome’s Midi Translator (if on PC). It can translate midi into keystrokes (thus transport control and other bits).

Or perhaps use volume envelopes in the instrument editor if you do not want the sample to stop playing as soon as you release the note ;)

Renoise does unfortunatelly not receive Bome’s Midi translator stuff due to some lowert level keyboard checking stuff.

Unchecking not to record note offs was a kind of nice a quick workaround prior to Renoise 1.8, and instrument envelopes would also be nice if they would work for individual samples within an instrument.
an MPD 16 is IMHO though:… practually useless within Renoise prior to simple triggering one-shot drums pre channel right now.

It=Alien might know better since form what I’ve sen he does also have a real electric drumkit, each drum triggering every single drumhit in Renoise. (sorry ItA) :D