Renoise And UC16

Lo’ all

I recently bought a UC16, the midi controller… I can’t use it on renoise because of a strange little bug.

Imagine I want to control a “Gainer” the code for the level parameter is 10 xx.

So I configure a UC16 knob to record it, the knob write the right value 10 XX, but the dsp effect don’t move.

Very strange, the hardware controller write the right effect in the track… But it doesn’t control anything.


PS : 1.2 RuleZ

this is not a bug but a missing feature ;)
you are recording MidiCCMessages in the pattern (note the 90 in the pan column), effects (sliders) currently cannot be mapped to CC messages

nevertheless : midiremotemapping its planed for 1.3 and you can already control vsti’s with them


I’ll wait for the 1.3.