renoise / ardour syncing problem

Hi all,

First, I would like to say hello, and introduce myself a little. My name is Jess The Wet Machine. I do music since many years, i began when i was young. I came to tracking when I was a teenager, on Amiga platform. When I first used Renoise i simply completely fell in love with its power.

I used to make music and sound ambiances for theatre, bands and personnal projects. I try to put my influences like Depeche Mode, Steven Wilson, … to make some electro-rock ambiant and intimate.

I use every instrument / tools I can, without limitation or boundaries.

If you are interested by my music :

And I just released my last single, you can listen it and download it for free.

So now comes my questions :

I know how to use rewire to sync ableton live and renoise on my mac.

I also know how to use jack transport to sync ardour and renoise on my ubuntu, in a simple situation where all is well recorded on a click and there is no tempo changes all along the song. Usually it is like this and I have no syncing problem.

Yesterday, one friend of mine gave me the tracks of a records he wants me to work on.

The song is very good, but it “breathes” (it is a french way to say that the tempo is not constant). The sound of the records is very good, and the dynamic of the song needs to have a fluctuant tempo, because it is simply good like that.

I would have liked to add some electro little sounds onto it using Renoise, and there comes the problems.

I edited the ardour tempo line to reflect the tempo changes of the song. Every mesure has a different tempo than the others (from 88 bpm to 110 bpm all along the song).

I clicked the “jack transport” enabling options in ardour and renoise.

Renoise is slave.

At every tempo change in ardour there is a “glitsch” in renoise wich jump to something that smells like a random position and desync from the jack transport.

it goes on playing but the metronome of both ardour and renoise and desynced.

It seems like i miss something in the use of jack transport.

For informations : i have renoise 3.1 january 2016 built 32 bits and Ardour 4 on ubuntu 16.04LTS.

Can you help me or give advices ?

Thanx a lot,