Renoise Artist Appreciation Thread

I must admit I’m a sucker for some of your music. I regularly dig through these boards looking for cool Renoise music, and sometimes I find tracks that I keep repeating over and over. I recently made up a little playlist for my private listening enjoyment, it runs a little something like this:

  1. Alex Strain - Effective
  2. Beatslaughter - Spring Rain
  3. Dattasette - Turning Corners
  4. Kieth303 - Subtly Distant Comatose
  5. Basement Wigga - Hawaiian Shirt
  6. Kaneel - Mosquitoes At My BBQ!
  7. Kallipolis - I’ll Always Love You
  8. Benefit of the Boomerang - Clockwork Samuri

This gets played lots.

Share the love! What Renoise music do you like?

I have no real RNS playlist, maybe I should sort some of the exellent music from these boards into categories like I did with all my mods back in my FT2-days? :)

Anyway, a small list of specific tracks I always come back to, in the order they pop into my head:

Sunjammer - Evig

Mars Wind - 80s style


  • I need you
  • taking over your body
  • Sirene


  • whole Mirror Formula-album
  • Non-variations in G-Minor
    ++++++ (too much to list)


  • She Felt Like
  • Thumbworker a1

will add more when I find it. :)

I love pretty much everything Datassette does. Always on my ipod :)

Some songs of Renoisers i’m listening quite often to in no specific order:

Keith303 - to many, but especially “Subtly Distant Comatose” and “Indigestion”
Achenar - also to many, my current fav is “Sojourn”
Mr. Mark Dollin - various too, current fav is “Vulcanella Self Destruct”
Kaneel / Leenak - fav is “Soundtrack For Syl”, more of that please :P
dblue - drone (still loving it) ;)
DDtMM - “The Breakup” great track with strong character
Sunjammer - various
CFX - Severated
Cosmictrance - Contrast
Botb - Clockwork Samurai
B-Complex - Answers (promo mix?)

My Renoiser-list is actually way to small but still…

keith303 - Thumbworker A1
Desimal (r.i.p.) - Zero Searcher
Breakthru - 7
DDSpeed - Winter
Looza - De Phazz - Nie Monoton
Void Pointer - I Died For You
Xerxes - Defuse
JukkaM (not on the board) - Someday I’ll Return
B-Complex - Answers (Mixset - thx k303 for getting my attention on it)
Mr_Mark_Dollin - Vulcanella Self Destruct

I don’t have specific favourites (though I really look up to almost everyone as I’m such a newb, especially in mixing and mastering and general polish) other than this BeatBattle I entry: herbert ferbert - a beat. It’s really cool, I wonder where I could find similar stuff?

Mucho nice stuff here - which got me thinking:

Is it possible to look up artists in the song pages?
I would absolutely love to be able to browse by artist, instead of genre!!

Edit: woo, ptrance !!! links galore !!!

Alexstrain - Dodgyrecordings
Beatslaughter -
Datasette -
keith303 -
Kaneel -
Kallipolis -
BotB -
Sunjammer -
dblue -
Xerxes -
Achenar -
Mr_mark_dollin -
CFX -…&order=desc
Cosmiq -
B-Complex -
Desimal -
DDspeed -
Looza -
Void Pointer -

Yes, I have nothing else to do. :)

There is a regular list i call up for use in gaming. Theres normally a few of my own tracks in it which I’ll omit…
In order of how i actually listen to em;

  1. Datassette “Cogs are Good”
  2. djnick “69%”
  3. Mark Dollin “fluteagain_demo”
  4. happy milkshake man “all_around_us”
  5. Black Squirrel “chukks2prawniiixe” (its one of the renoise demosongs since 1.8)
  6. Forlon, remixed by Jonas the Plugexpert “brittle”
  7. BotB and Kaneel - “katanatatistic phuh dot”
  8. Beatslaughter and Achenar “Tag we’re it”
  9. “Spaceruter” by unknown name artist - anyone know who made it? I just remember being given a link on IRC by someone I didnt talk to very often…

I am always hesitant about hosting other peoples music without asking, so i’ve left out links for everything I couldnt find on their sites, except the last one where I dont actually know who made it…
If you’re on the list and think you’ve been treated unfairly without a link, feel free to let me know and I’ll edit it in ^_^

various Enduser & Snares songs

Kinoma/Basil for that live feel. Your songs are on my sansa, and I’m looking forward to more. Melon head, Spiral, Milk and Unpure are great.

Currently I have 415 mb of sunjammer songs there too. Ever have the chance to see him live - do not miss out.

Added with pleasure. Butwas that intentional, only mentioning me in correction? do I suck that much? cries elephant tears

Ahh there is much love in this thread! <3 Thanks to ptrance for adding the links.

Alex! I’ll to finish off that dubby flute demo eh? Wanna collab on that one?

yeh alright…

but what about 4th?!??

mushen, kaneel, sunjammer, jonas the plugexpert

I had love at first hear with Mick Rippon’s The Balance, it’s old school demo music with a fresh vibe.

A Swedish Progressive Trance act. Really good.

I know I know! The 4th. Uneasy. Other weird demos I’ve slung your way. I’m working my way up to a really good take on the 4th, I’ve been making attempts but still some way to go yet.

Goes without saying I’ve enjoyed many a ReeeMick tune…

My fav PTrance song would have to be the chippy he did at the end of LT1 - that rules!

Little bump! Added some psy tracks from tenda to my collection.

But my hands are wonderful piano hands :( Well manicured too!

If i was going to throw around any appreciation it’d be ridiculous, because i know so many people who are so good with Renoise i can’t come close, and i’m sure i’d forget some and they’d get mad and yadayada.

I will say though, that Datassette is absolutely fantastic