Renoise As A Drum Machine, Pt. 1

I’m finally doing some tutorial work and I would really like if someone is so good to test this piece I’ve written. I’m gonna add some small screenprints before I throw it up on a blog :) thanks in advance!

edit… it’s up on wordpress now:
Renoise as a Drum Machine part 1 part 2
Renoise as a Mono Synth part 1 part 2

I am consistently impressed with the creativity, and openness of the Renoise community. That being said I’ll have a go at your tutorial this evening and hopefully I’ll be able to give ya some useful feedback.

I would like that a lot, I actually would appreciate a user that knows about Renoise but does not consider him or herself a super pro user for 20 years ;D
I’ve just updated the post to have the correct accessible links so that people who don’t have my username & password can actually give this a try :)

If this proves to be successful I’ll extend it beyond just kicks n snares. It might end up in a renoise tutorial page somewhere :)

Only read through the first half and seems quite good. Not sure if synthesising from scratch and beginner’s first steps really go together but hopefully it wouldn’t put anybody off, especially when presented nice and clearly.

I was surprised to see somebody who knows hows to use “concatenated” say “This piece here will learn you everything…” though :P

Yeah you know… dutch as mother tongue so yeah that was an easy mistake to make. hahaha. And yeah you’re half right about that other thing, so I didn’t really specify a target group of people… just anyone who’s interested in beats and samples and where these loops and stuff come from… and how people can learn stuff from renoise that they can use in other software… It’s written kind of how I would explain to somebody in the middle of absolutely stupid (or noob) and a genius so that is… someone with a working set of brains. Whatever’s really not thinkable from here (journey that starts at the beginning, right?) people can find back in the official youtube walkthrough by that scottish (?) man. :D

Also… it’s a crash course that dives in deep right away. Opposite of the video of 45 minutes that I just mentioned, that is broad covering a lot of aspects. (respect for that vid of course, I could never have done that)

Anyway I would really like some more people that are willing to take a try on this ‘crash course’… any hiphop heads out there?

Next 2 ‘episodes’ are also coming up, dealing more with other synth lines & fx