Renoise As A Synth

:smashed: I read houseflies general discussions topic, and it reminded me of an idea i had a while back (don’t know if it’s already been suggested…so sue me)…
I would love it, for live purposes and just general fun meddling, if renoise had an ability to map automation parameters to the keyboard.
I’d be able to move the cutoff up and down pressing the - and + keys, for example.
I understand this would obviously take away pattern matrix macro. But maybe if you could switch the keyboard to synth mode and maybe have only one octave with the other keys (above or below) acting as the knobs.
This would be a real good alternative for those of us who dont own controller keyboards or those other little knobby things.

set a key track device to controll the filter on the track you want!easy! Man,Key track rocks!

“so” where´s you´re synth you wanted to share :rolleyes:

I posted it in the other thread with this title.
I’ve just made an additive/subtractive semihemidemimodular one too, but I have to save that as a song.

You’ll have to play with it a bit to get nicer sounds! The usual: filters waveforms blah blah. It’s good for creating single cycle waveforms

Its just proof of principle. I usually start with this template and add effects till I get the sound I want.

How does one set a keytrack device?