Renoise As A Vsti

I know that the voting has occured and that this did not come out as a top priority feature:

Thinking about this more and more though I can see that many workarounds for other wanted features could be made if it were to happen. I am thinking in terms of renoise as a VSTi in energyXT but I`m sure other hosts could provide similar and maybe other options too.

- Audio recording set to run along-side renoise in eXT sequencer

  • Full modular environment for renoise to be embedded in making things such as side chaining very easy with this setup

  • Piano roll that can be used side by side with renoise embedded in XT sequencer. Admittedly possible already with XT as a VST in renoise but another flexible way to do this.

  • PDC as XT now supports this. Using renoise for MIDI sequencing inside XT and dealing with your plugs inside XT. Not possible currently with XT inside renoise as delays between XT instances can not be accounted for.

  • Freezing of a whole instance of renoise in a track in XT, so you could have one instance of renoise for drums another for leads etc and another for backing if you wished. Simply freeze the renoise VSTi you wish and work in the other instance with the freed up CPU.

  • Use a mixer VSTi in eXT from routed audio from renoise VSTi

  • Load multiple rns`s into one project. This would be possible also loading instances of renoise VSTi inside renoise stand-alone. You can then swap parts of songs between each other. Trigger a whole renoise instance from within renoise in one track opening up more possible arrangement options.

For this to be possible as a VSTi renoise would need to be syncable to host and possibly support multi audio outs.

A bit late for a voting campaign maybe but thought it was interesting the possibilities this would open up. Im sure there may be more that I havent thought about but these have been the main ones that have come to mind as I dream…

Now multiple .rns’s and shared clipboards is something I would like to see. Haven’t tried opening two accounts of Renoise, which, if possible, with the hopeful addition of windows clipboard support in the future, might just about cover this?? But if using the windows clipboard how does it know if it’s a selection, track, pattern etc. Also can you copy a whole track throughout a song, or do you have to do it pattern at a time? (Guess you can with the advanced edit options but not at home to really think about it or look.)

Unless I have missed something it is not yet possible between instances of renoise. Copying of tracks is not possible yet either.

Yeah that’s why it said the “hopeful addition” of windows type clipboard I swear I heard mention of in another thread. Or maybe I just dreamt it :(

Most of the stuff could also be done with Renoise as Rewire slave.

You couldn’t use XTs piano roll, but I wouldn’t want to use it, anyway. If (if!) I wanted to use a piano roll, I’d prefer to have it inside Renoise.

One advantage of Rewire, tho, is that you could run Renoise independently and then if you needed to connect another DAW you could do that ‘instantly’, without reopening Renoise inside a host.

I see :)

This would also be interesting to me but I do not know much about rewire. Also eXT which is my only other host program at the moment does not support this and will not in the near future as far as I can tell although if it would allow me to do many of the things above I would consider a rewire host purchase.

Two of the main features I have been interested in are non real-time Freezing and PDC.

Should the first be possible with rewire and if so would you still be able to deal with your VSTs inside renoise or would it have to be the other host?

Also would PDC require that aswell?


  • Non realtime freezing just means not having to record, i.e. same as rendering

  • With PDC you are right that you would need to deal with the VSTs in the host renoise was in, unless you wanted a separate renoise VST for each track you had (pretty impractical unless you only needed it for one plug like SIR and weren`t bothered about small latencies other plugs introduced) Here it seems neither method offers more real advantage then I guess.

Just off to check out your KVR thread cheers.

Just to add with another feature added recently to eXT:

Map Tempo to an envelope using renoise as a tempo synced VST

You can load any synth VSTi’s into Energy XT whilst running in Renoise giving you access to all the fx in the Energy XT plug anyway, so I can’t really see the point of loading Renoise as a VSTi into Energy XT…

You can also transfer tracks from diffrent songs as the blocks are remembered even when you load another song…

With what you are saying you can`t:

-Audio record from soundcards input,

-Use mixer VST without a very convoluted and fairly unstable workaround.

-Freeze without playing in real time or first having to record MIDI or render and export.

  • Have PDC working effectively

  • Map renoise tempo to envelope.

Also blocks can not be transfered between instances of renoise only within the same instance. Whole track copy + paste is not yet supported either. A very time consuming task at the moment.

Another workaround addition which would be made easier with renoise as a VSTi in eXT:

-Dual Core Support by loading renoise into XTs sequencer, each individual instance of renoise could be assigned to the core of your choice.

I have just learnt on the XT forum that there are problems with dual systems at the moment with its current method (maybe less with HT), this may be a more viable workaround in the future though.

definetely Renoise as a VSTi or a Rewire slave.

The latter preferably so that navigating inside a song would be easier and all things could be done in renoise as earlier with the same keycommands.

just wanted to participate in this because I once again came to check the frontpage to see if renoise has finally a rewire support… sadly not.

I’d be willing to pay even 250 euros for a rewire renoise.

Anyhow it’s great to have this quality tracker around and thanx to the renoise posse - sad that we (users of external midi devices and sequencers) just can’t use it untill the rewire support emerges :(

imho tick independent timing is a condition for Rewire or Renoise as VSTi … only a thought …

I believe that the keycommands should be possible as normal with the VST aswell, if renoise as a VST was to have focus. I guess this might be host dependent though. EnergyXT has a bug currently with this at the moment of not letting key commands through in some cases. I have reported this though and I think it will be fixed at some time.

Hey Freideuter, what you done to AMK :o ;)

I guess as renoise sends timing info alright to VSTs then it could receive it ok with the current system although Im no VST coder so couldnt say for sure…

;) due to security problems I had to change all my accounts in the www … :huh:

imho … if the host/client application is unable to understand no full bpm values … there could be problems … don’t know.

Sounds a bit serious, hope nothing too bad,

will just have to find a convenient shortening for lazy typers like me :). Just F on its own doesn`t seem to do the trick :o :)

Seems to be one for taktik, but an interesting point.

I think that the pro sequencers such as Cubase might have some sort of blocking for certain keycommands for VSTi’s. <- not sure about this, but I just have this feeling. Anyhow, another problem would be the play button. I’ve never seen a vsti that’s able to send a play or stop message for the host sequencer -> therefor I’d say re-wire would serve us all better.

Anyone know any vst that has been able to send this play/stop message?

In eXT the play button issue shouldn`t be too much of a problem as you could load another instance into renoise VSTi for certain workarounds.

I can see however that this could pose problems with other hosts.

029, do you know personally if non realtime freezing would be possible with rewire as I am still none the wiser on this?

Also does the rewire system require you to save two separate song files for each save? have read something indicating this just today on KvR.