Renoise As Loop Pedal

playing around with my new homemade midi footswitch ( made with the guts of a usb gamepad and using midiyoke ( and rejoice ( to receive midi data to renoise. looping is done via an instance of mobius vst ( running in renoise, the nanokontrol is hooked up to change fx/instruments etc. i’ve got a really nice patch setup that i worked several days to perfect, load her up and endless looping fun :)

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here is what renoise is doing in the background

I’ve got two main channels, First is for stuff originating in renoise and second is for live input (microkorg, guitar, etc.) Both of those have sends running to S01 with a LP filter and limiter and then S01 is sending to S02 where mobius resides. The song comments box makes a nice place to keep notes about what all the buttons on the nanokontrol do. I’ve got it so I can navigate through the tracks and up and down the effects with the buttons, turn effects off and on, switch instruments, affect the filter and volume, and change some key effect parameters.

Realy, great nice use of renoise and nice tips for livelooping ;)