Renoise As Midi Slave.

I cant seem to get renoise to slave to Sonar or even another renoise on the host system. :w00t: I have tried both a local midiyoke link and through my midi patchbay with no luck.

Has anyone successfully had renoise slave to another host software? If so please explain in details how you got it up and running. Thanks!

P.S. Running Renoise 1.5 :yeah:

This is hardly a solution. Part of the problem here is compatibilities with host applications. While Renoise can send master sync data fine, any attempts to allow Renoise to slave to another device is futile. Other applications slave sync wonderful on my systems without a hickup.

Again, I hope the dev team will make a VST extension for Renoise 1.5 . Let me explain why.

On my setup here I have 4 Pentium 4 systems in a gigabit farm using the software FX-Teleport. This would allow me to speak directly to Renoise audio / midi in any host application with full control on any of the 4 PC systems. A VST extension to Renoise would allow complete intergration on any configuration and would increase the market value of the software. Fruityloops has both a vst extension and rewire and would be a good example of this.

As of now, 2 ways only exist to have Renoise slave to another host (which doesn’t work currently) 2nd computer connected threw midi (unitor8 midi 8x8 on my system) or to midiyoke it on a single machine. Audio will still need to be rendered, exported, then imported into the host.

A VST extension will allow the integration people need and eliminate all these problems. Complete Renoise control via midi, audio streaming to hosts, and track syncing.

Here is a picture of my home studio I work on.


Ultimately I am looking to have Renoise run on the laptop in the far left corner with Sonar in the main window. A VST extension would give us the ability to stream midi/audio/timing sync/etc. via lan network. How cool would that be?


Has anyone gotten Renoise 1.5 to slave to another host?

In 1.5, I don’t think you can. I haven’t downloaded the newer build, but the first 1.5 no longer had the option. The config option is there, but there is a button that is supposed to turn “MIDI Slave” on in 1.281, right next to the follow pattern button. This button is not present in 1.5. Or if it is, it’s well-hidden. I’m assuming this is an oversight…

Ya - I see the sync data light get all the midi “trigger” data but Renoise 1.5 does nothing.

Can one of the developers shed some light on the topic? Thanks!

i have tried to sync sonar&renoise some time ago (with 1.281 i think): i used sonar as master and renoise as slave through midiyoke (i wanted to make drums and bassline in renoise and record live parts to sonar).

i don´t remember the exact settings i’ve used but surprisingly it worked - renoise started when i pressed the play button in sonar, but the sync was absolutely sucking and unusable. when i switched from sonar to renoise during this synced playback i saw the BPM quickly changing around the value set previously both in sonar and renoise like a gambling machine.

despite many hours spent solving this problem i couldn’t get any other result than terrible headache.