Renoise As Rewire Slave

I know the link to the compatible ReWire hosts and slaves is listed on the site, but I was confused about its Pro Tools compatibility with OS X.

On the compatibility page it only lists Pro Tools as working (6.1 and up) with Windows machines…

I am running OS X.5.8 (Leopard) and Pro Tools 8 as the ReWire master; Renoise as the slave.

I have the two working together decently but I get an error in Pro Tools saying that my CPU is running out of power. This is running just one channel of audio between the two programs.

My system is 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB of memory.

So…I’m not sure if this issue is due to the bugs that exist when running PT from a Mac system, or if it is something else? Please lend me your thoughts.

Also, if it is uncompatible, does anyone know if the benevolent creators of the wonderful Renoise are working towards getting the two ReWire-compatible?

What would happen if you disable one of the two CPU’s in Renoise in the audio preference panel?
Perhaps Pro tools and Renoise are not really efficient when having to concurrently sharing the cores…

Same result with enabling only 1 CPU in Renoise : (

I was able to screen capture the two error messages that PT’s DAE delivered but I’m not sure how to post the pics here. Here’s what they said:

“The operating system held off interrupts for too long. If this occurs frequently, try increasing the ‘H/W Buffer Size’ in the Playback Engine Panel. (-6086)”

Then another error message with the same dialog occurs, this time with a different error reference number: -6093

My buffer size is maxed out at 1024…

i had the same problem with my system…

i set both pt and renoise to use only one core under their respective preferences menu. it solved the problem.
Try setting PT pref to use only one core and if you still experience DAE errors then i would have renoise use only one cpu as well…good luck!